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Wholly ReWrit, Quotes from Robert M Price

Quotes from Robert M. Price

Robert M. Price offers a brilliantly clever and funny quip to say when a Jehovah's witness comes to your door and you don't feel like reasoning with them. You could say, "I hope that the rapture comes and whisks you away right now". That is from either the excellent, 'The reason driven life, what am I here on earth for?' or 'The paperback Apocalypse, how the Christian church was left behind'. Price shows in the latter how the Bible doesn't support the idea of a rapture. p 126 The line from Luke 17v34 about one being taken and the other left behind could easily be read as the one taken being the one who was destroyed and the one left is the one who lives on. The writer of Luke has recycled an idea from O.T. times eschatological catastrophe literature. Further if you look at Luke 17v37 Jesus is made to say,' Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will circle'


John 20v25 What makes Thomas think that Jesus was resurrected with raw wounds? How not resurrected & healed? How come Thomas doesn't get a reply,"We saw or didn't see his wounds" John 20v27, "Put your hand into my side", not even just finger. A gaping wound with no blood or liquid coming out?
So let me get this straight, John 20v15 has Mary see Jesus standing there with forehead scratched and blood stained from the thorns, hands & feet punctured by nails, back lacerated from flogging and gaping hole in abdomen and she thinks it is just the gardener?
John 20v10 "The disciples went back to their homes". They didn't have homes in Jerusalem. I thought they were meant to be staying at one address.
Luke 24v33 The Emmaus road chaps returned at once and "There they found the Eleven" and yet John 20v24 says "Thomas, one of the twelve, wasn't there. Don't worry, John isn't true. Matthew 28v17 is true, it has all 11 disciples in Galilee for first sighting were some (11?) doubted.
Luke 24v39 has Jesus say "look at my feet". Why look at his feet if they weren't pierced. When the two Marys of Matthew 28v9 were clasping a foot each did they not notice the nail holes?
Also Jesus ascended twice, Easter day Mark 16v19 & Luke 24v51 but 40 days after; Acts 1v3&9
Jesus was born after he died

Mark 3v21 Jesus family thought "He is out of his mind".
John 7v5 "For even his own brothers did not believe in him". John 1v33 John Baptist says;"I would not have know him except that... the Spirit came down upon him".
Luke 11v27 Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you",Jesus replies,"Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it", So was Mary mistaken to sing Luke 1v47 "From now on all generations will call me blessed"? Not by her cynic son?
Maybe there was lamentable comunications among Jesus family; Matt 10v35,"I have come to turn a man against his father" etc. No one mentioned the nativity story? There is of course the possibility that the Nativity didn't happen until after Jesus death. It was a miracle! After Jesus died he went back in time & was born again (John 3v5)of Mary. That would explain the difference between Matthew and Luke. Maybe he was born twice? No, it is all fiction.
Look also at Matthew 3v14 John Baptist knows who Jesus is before the Spirit or dove lands on him. Luke 3v21 has Jesus baptism, after John is locked up. Why does Matthew 3v11 have John say "But AFTER me will come (Jesus)"
How come Jesus brothers don't look after Mary? John 19v26
The lost Gospel of Andrew

I Andrew, one of the original three disciples of Jesus, write that you might know the true words of Jesus, that you might not be deceived by the false teachings of those who came after me. I remember a year ago when I was at Capernaum sitting on the shore talking with Jesus by the glowing embers of the fire on which we'd cooked our fish and potatoes. It was a still, warm evening. The field crickets were chirping, the stars had risen. I'd long been troubled by stories I'd heard from the Pharisees about hell so I asked him, "Jesus is it true that there is a hell?", "Of course not", said Jesus,"A good, loving God would never send anyone to such a place. I tell you the truth, nothing you believe, think, do or say could separate you from the love of a good God." And I replied,"Well that is a relief. So there is nothing to worry about then?","Correct", said Jesus,"These ideas came from surrounding cultures. They guessed wrong", "And Jesus,what do you think of the Septuagint?" I asked. And Jesus replied,"Well it is mostly fiction you know. It is made up history. They claim Yahweh is good but they wrote him doing loads of bad and mad things. Man uses the idea of God to justify what they wanted to do anyway. The way forward is fair taxation systems, fair trade, science and reason"
Anti Gideon

What is Christianity? The Bible authors plagiarised various ideas from the mileu. 'Christ' isn't the origin of any of the ideas about caring for others, though the bible has helped spread the ideas as written verse. If you look at the book of the dead you will see that the ancient Egyptians had care and consideration for their fellow man. It is just part of the tit for tat of human existence.
Look at the finances of any church and you will see that 95% of the donations go to the minister/missionary as salary and the upkeep of the church building. The % reaching the needy is minimal. What happened to selling all you have and giving it to the poor? I don't recommend doing that foolish idea, your life isn't going to end tomorrow in a rapture. Try a fair social security system, pension and insurance schemes, national insurance, fairtrade, educating your citizens and supporting them to find gainfull employment. None of these ideas was suggested by the authors of 'Jesus' who were obsessed with apocalyptic short termism.
It is good that the fairtrade movement is helping to reduce inequality but it is still quite shocking how small a % the developing world gets compared with supermarkets/multinationals.
The Merry Reaper

Check out the wise words of PZ Myers 'science and atheism: natural allies' conference on youtube. PZ touches on the idea that if you say, 'there is no heaven' then you feel like you're dashing granny's hopes. I think if you say,'If there is a heaven then everyone will go there', then it shows Christian orthodoxy to be the mean spirited party pooper doctrine that it is. It also forces the Christian to try to defend their doctrine which is entirely reliant not just on the ludicrous idea of an inerrant Bible but also the ridiculous notion that anyone can interpret the Bible inerrantly. If you read 'Jesus is Dead' by Robert Price you will see a very plausible theory that each of the N.T. writings are opposing doctrines. Each of the authors was trying to refute the others; e.g the gospel of Matthew trying to make 'Jesus' say," obey the law" to defeat the 'Pauline' camp which said, "folks were no longer under law." I believe there is no God/heaven but I also believe that a Good God would not insist that you 'believe' inorder to travel to a happy afterlife. A good God would realise that this world looks as if God is dead or AWOL. Atheists believe there is no God because that is what experience suggests. How come the Christian God is picky just like Osiris?
There probably is no God but if there is we will all be having a happily everafter, it would be the only loving thing to do.

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