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Reason, Honest Joe Atheist

January 25, 2011 - 05:47 PM

Religious groups should listen to each other. Here are the bits you should pick out of that spectrum. We should listen to Jewish folk when they say that Christ did not fit the criteria for their Messiah & that Christianity isn't supported by the O.T & that there is no eternal torture. We should listen to the Korans voice that Jesus was just an ordinary man. Moslems should listen to Christians when they talk of tolerance, love, mercy,liberty, freedom. Abrahamic religions should listen to Buddism and Jainism when they say there is no cosmic superpower god and the only god is within you. We should listen to freethinkers who say that reasoning is enough and that you just need to look at all the reasons pro and con before deciding. We should listen to the communists who said there is no god. Each should acknowledge the good ideas in the other group, the common ground and that we all strive to love our children. If you put this spectrum of ideas together you will arrive at the white light of Atheism. Atheism is the white light which shines out of the darkness. ps see atheerkt/Skepptiksowat youtube video of arabic speaking people who think atheism/ agnosticism is the way forward

January 25, 2011 - 05:14 PM
Honest Joe Atheist

Don't listen to that twisted religious Norman Right. Realise that these cosmic characters are comic book, not real. Once you stop pretending and deceiving others and yourself that these gods exist then you can become truly honest. Athesim is the true goodliness, the truely humanitarian philosophy. It humbly accepts our animal ancestry in this vast, mysterious, wonderous universe. It appears that the eternal energy had no consciousness and certainly no conscience otherwise there would not be so much suffering in this world. If there did happen to be a loving being it would take everyone to a happy afterlife, it owes it to us after having made such an almighty mess of this world. see Truth-Saves , a humanist website that complements this site with its bible busting information. There is no absolute good and evil but on earth the nearest to absolute good is to be loving and caring, comply with the law, pay due taxes and pension contributions. The old bible laws are out of date and irrelevant.
January 25, 2011 - 05:04 PM
Noram Right

Hey atheists, if that is the path you must go, if that is your fate, then I feel sorry for you, you have been deceived by the spirit of worldly intellect, rational thought & wisdom. If you had opened you heart to Christ my saviour then you would know the reassuring presence of his Holy spirt within you and the joy that comes from that promise of eternal life with him. I will pray for you. I believe that it is yet possible for you to turn and be saved from eternal torture, for all things are possible for Jesus my Lord. If you had the time and I had the space I would explain away all the apparent tensions in the Bible, but after judgement day though you plead for help, I shall not, unfortunately, even be able to pass you a glass of water. I know with my heart and confess with my tongue that Jesus Christ is Lord and sits at the right hand of Satan in heaven and his evil spirit fills the temple.Amen
January 23, 2011 - 07:32 AM

I agree with Kens brilliant Luke v Matthew nativity analysis and that the star needed to be a helicopter.I just read site'lookinguntoJesus' which thinks it has solved the contradiction between MvL by supposing that Jesus was 1.5 & in Nazareth by time of Matthews star story. Matt invents that M&J were native to Bethlehem and J born there. See Matt2v22 why would they try to return to Judea/Bethl. after returning to Egypt if that wasn't their home town. Luke has M&J native to Nazareth &in Temple at 41 days old. Why would star have lead Magi to Herod 63 miles south of Nazareth? Matt 2v8 Herod sent Magi to Bethl. so the star then led them in a circle up north to Nazareth? If they were safe in Naz. then why would an angel of Matt2v13 tell them to flee to Egypt, Herod was obsessed with killing in Bethlehem, was he going to slaughter all Israel? Also Luke2v11&17&38 has shepherds and prophetess Anna tell a load of people in Temple and surrounding countryside about Christ the Lord. Yet when Herod called the Temple priests in Matt 2v4 they had totally forgotten about Jesus. Where were these fictions invented? Turkey or Rome? As Ken says p244 JNE Luke was around at Theophilus time of 170AD. Maybe Shepherd just told people "We saw baby in clothes in a manger"-the reply"Big deal, happens all the time", they forgot to say"He is Christ the Lord"
January 22, 2011 - 02:04 PM
Willy Shakes poiuyt

Titsup ch1: Go therefore into all the world and preach this message of salvation from the nazti doctrine of hell virus & other religious delusions; that ideas about hell were developed in ancient Egypt, Persia & Greece before being adopted into some schools of Judaism for a while (200BCE-50CE?) before mutating into virulent forms in Christianity. If Christians had loved their enemy as the Bible quoted then they would have respectfully listened to the Rabbi telling them that eternal torture does not exist, {which might have ended that mentally abusive idea}. The closest Judaism gets to hell fires is a brief purifying fire which refines away your faults as you ascend to heaven (as ore to gold). Always be ready to explain your faith & point out to them the errors in their false doctrine. Tell them to burn their hell rather than their conscience & that it is immoral to make such nasti bullying threats. They might reply that they are doing good by saving people from it. Point out to them that they have no evidence it exists and that the 'Jesus' writers were just repeating things they'd heard in the cultural milieu which they probably didn't know the origin of. Origins which were certainly thought of as Pagan and evil by the O.T.
January 21, 2011 - 06:22 PM

A slightly different take:Maybe the doctrine of eternal torture came into a school of Jewish thought 100BCE-30CE ?without the compensating negative confession to excuse peoples failings and allay their fears? The Jewish folk with their very strict laws thought,'Help!we are doomed because we have failed our own strict laws. What could be the solution? In steps the jewish lamb/messiah figure for forgiveness of sins which you offer up by believing in or enter into under the blood painted lintels, as in the Egyptian plagues myth. The midrashic Jews interpreted the idea of the messiah as bringing a heavenly reign as it was obvious the Kingdom of Israel was finished. The previous Jewish idea of what happened after you die had been very sketchy- maybe just ceasing to exist, for such a group to have the scary doctrine from greece, where ever, come in without a way of being sure they wouldn't end up there could have made some of them eager to accept a Jesus figure
January 21, 2011 - 06:10 PM

Another take on what happened in the gospels: The priests have brought a dead man back to life on their tablet and made him say and do the things they wanted him to. Jesus is the ultimate Frankincensetein monster. Brought back from the ossuary as a solution to the worry about hell but has made a bigger problem. Actually this happens all the time. I was brought up in church where C.S. Lewis was held up and made to say that he supported their whole doctrine but Lewis never agreed with their Nazi doctrine of eternal torture, rather he believed in annihilationism for unbelievers, which is more the O.T Jewish view, see Ecc 9v5-6,Ecc 3v19-21,Job 7v9{got that from}. That is an example of a lie that those ministers told. I suppose they'd say it was done in love to help me believe and be saved or they just repeated what they were told. Also Einstein is used to support each side of the argument for and against the existence of God, but maybe the truth is that the two sides are both part of one argument and you need to know both sides to understand how Christianity formed soley from the inspiration of mortal men. Christians desperately cling to one segment of that glass wall which the whole argument is, the more you know, the less credible it becomes until the suckers lose their grip and slide off, but then you realise that there was nothing to fear anyway.
January 21, 2011 - 05:46 PM
John the B.

Now that I have pulled myself together and am nearly human again. I wish to clear my name. Infact I never met a Jesus Lamb of God,but I probably baptised a lot of Yeshuas, it was one of the most common names then. I'm sure I would have remembered a Messiah. If someone had claimed he was the Messiah I'd have been like,"Yeh shua, pull the other leg mate, NEXT,the Messiah won't come until the return of Elijah and I'm not Elijah (John 1v21)Anyway God doesn't have a family, he killed them off around 700 BCE, even divorced Asherah his wife so how can he have a new son?. As for Mark 1v5,'ALL the people of Jerusalem came out to see me' well I liked to think I was popular but doubt if I saw ALL 50,000-250,000 people of Jerusalem, on the other hand I couldn't count so you never know. Few of us were literate back then bar rulers and priests, which was pure dead handy for making things up and getting away with it. By the way I also deny calling my baptismal guests 'brood of vipers', I would never have spoken so rudely. No, I probably said "Welcome dear friends, it is so nice of you to visit. How are you? Well I hope! Todays talk will be on anger management." However I may have got tired and grumpy at baptising 50,000 and light heartedly told them to sod off as I was going back to my cave for some me time, maybe they just took that they wrong way. [Ps this isn't really John the B. Dead men don't come back to life.]
January 19, 2011 - 05:23 PM
Humanity &co solicitors LLP 30ad

Yeshua spoke to us,"Now firstly you must go immediately to the scribes and get 1000 copies of the daily diaries of miracles, teachings and visits I made. I am going to stay here & write down amazing knowledge that won't be confirmed by science for many years yet- such as the structure of this universe, germ theory,age of life on earth, evolution, the existence of fossils and dinosaurs, genetic theory (which will allow better crop breeding) crop nutrient requirements, contraceptive methods, plate techtonics, how earthquakes, volcanoes and weather works. Correct the O.T rules & history & fill in missing names Actually very firstly you must all come with me to see my empty tomb. There was great excitement among us. Thomas asked, "Yeshua, what was hell like?" "Pretty hellish actually, but realise this, I have saved everyone from hell, they will now all go to heaven, it is party time" "Phenomenal, but who will believe simple peasants like us, they might just ignore us and keep on with their Egyptian/Greek/Persian myth of eternal torture for all bar the arian elite",said Thomas."Ah,ha, don't think i am a fool, you fool, I am going to visit our priests & P.Pilot so they can see I am risen & sing to them,"I get knocked down but I get up again, you're never going to keep me down". Then I am going to do a whole of the known world tour encompassing the whole of Med. lands & that green and pleasant England; that they might sing in their future proms not with a ? but rather a ! And last but not least,dine with all relevant Caesars, royal families and historians." "Christ Yeshua, that will work", we all declared confidently
January 19, 2011 - 05:02 PM
Humanity &co solicitors LLP 36AD

What will future generations expect of a competently written record of gospel events inspired by God? AUTHOR: Peter, family tree...DATE:18th year of Caesar Tiberius reign, three months after Christs resurrection. ADDRESS: village of Jerusalem, Humanity solicitors LLP. WITNESSES:Chief priest Rakinitin & The transformed to gentle P. Pilot.[I Peter hereby record my experience of the risen Christ; I was sleeping in the upper room of our house in Jerusalem by the north gate when I was woken by a knock at the door & booming voice,"Hello guys, let me in". I at once recognised it as the voice of my Lord,"Yeshua, is that you?" I cried."Yeh sure", Christ replied. I raced to the door, opened it & there was Christ. "Christ Almighty, you're naked, where are your clothes?",I asked. "Shit!I've left them back in my tomb, could you lend me a pair of boxers? my head was in the clouds" "Certainly Yeshua, wow, I can't believe you have risen from the grave, this is wonderful." "You fool, how many times have I told you I would & yet you still didn't expect it",responded Yeshua grinning widely."Don't call me a fool, as your teachings taught against, you fool & hypocrite", I parried with our usual witty banter" "No, ye be the evil hypocrite", jested Yeshua, a gleam in his eye. Anyway, the other 11 disciples were by this time crowding by the door."Well let me in",said Yeshua,"This is quite embarrassing, standing here in the growing dawn without even a fig leaf [damn that I cursed that fig tree that it died]" I heard a shrill whistle followed by Mary Ms voice,"Great Lord Almighty, you have risen indeed, Yeshua may I feel your presence within, may your willy be done." "No Mary, I musn't yield yet to temptation, it is not yet the time to come, I have too much work to do you. [sorry just realised that was 10 other disciples because I forgot to subtract me from total of 11]. We quickly let Yeshua in and I fetched him boxers to cover his glory. "Now firstly you m...

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