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Wholly ReWrit : The Euphoric One

November 21, 2010 - 11:20 AM
The Euphoric one

You probably spotted "cupboard" in the text and you may say to yourself,"I suspect that should be wardrobe since it was about L,W&W or maybe coffin".Excellent, you have good, rational critical thinking. A christian however while also suspecting something wrong will have been reared to expect screams of "No, it is divine, immutable, inerrant word from the gods and if you change it you will immediately drop dead and burn in torture". So the poor chap thinks sod it I'll go and watch t.v. The super rational may wonder if I cunningly put cupboard there as a test? No,it was a typo, "I'm only human, born to make mistakes"(H.L.)Rational thought allows past errors to be corrected, upgraded or used to advantage. Same with the Bible. When seen in the light of evolution it becomes possibly one of the funniest writings. I think it will be a source of jokes for as long as humans don't go mad and burn everything. It will be important to preserve all the writings in connection to the bible especially the truely clever critical analysis, as well as the madly clever apologetics? They can help humans not to go off on another delusion. Properly read along side other primitive texts like the more honestly named book of the dead, the bible is a proof of evolution. It is time to stop trying to believe in christianity and graduate to an evolutionary understanding of the old texts

November 21, 2010 - 02:53 AM
The Happy one

Dear Ken please help me decide what to put on my seasonal greetings this year. Here are the 3 options: Happy Christmas! The Jesus myth is dead and buried. Thank God! there is no supernatural to worry about, no'el? Hell no! Hell never existed either, that was a tale started off by the Egyptian priests pre 1500 BCE so that they could have a threat to control the population by. Christ almighty, who would have believed the bible? Don't be a fool for Christs sake, come on in, the water's lovely, lets have a party- forever more on earth. Not pie in the sky when you die, cake on the plate while you live!
November 21, 2010 - 02:47 AM
The Jubilant one

Happy xMass, Jesus never existed! Whaa hoo, this is going to be the best Christlessmass ever. N.B to christians- don't worry, you don't have to rush out and sacrifice another human to save society from hell, hell never existed either, nor gods. Life evolved all by its self, there is no supenatural to worry about. Yee ha, Whaa hooo. Freedom from that cursed myth. Freedom from the poisoned apple that is the bible/christianity. Christ almighty, who would have thought I would live to see the day, the curse of winter is gone and summer is here. The hangover from the stoneage is gone. Jesus the wicked white witch is dead. Hooray for the lion hearts Dawkins, Humphreys, Doherty, Freke & Gandy, Mckinsey, Loftus, Barker, Greenberg et al
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November 21, 2010 - 02:37 AM
The Euphoric one

Happy Christlessmass! Father Christmas is here! Jesus the white witch is dead. The long winter for humanity is nearly over. He promised us power and endless Turkish delights in a never never land on the other side of the cupboard but it was all a lie. Christianity poisoned everything. The Abrahamic religions threatened the law of sin & death but Scientist and True bible scholars have looked further back in time to a deeper code. They have proved that we evolved without the aid of any conscious being- only mass-energy or vacuum fluctuation energy always existed. The religions have evolved from primitive superstitions. Christianity is largely based on the Osiris-Dionysus myth. Man created god in his own image. FREEDOM. The curse of winter is gone. Jesus is the new Guy fawkes, his non existence is the reason we party. Hell never existed, it was a myth invented by primitive priests to threaten people with so they could get their way. C.S Lewis wrote a cryptic message we misunderstood. He wrote a subliminal message telling us to believe in evolution, what a genius, who would have believed it!
November 18, 2010 - 03:39 PM
Reply comment to my jest, by who?

Sieze yonder knave, who blasthemeth the BuyBull with his knavish sarcasm, and place him in the public pillory, yea, and pelteth him with rotten fruit, until he repenteth his e-vil,and joineth our amred militia, and go forth to battle to steal land from the demon savages...but wait until they feeed us and show us how to survive, yo.....
November 16, 2010 - 03:13 PM
Tickets 2 cosmic hell

sorry, officially closed down by fraud squad, curses, by those do gooders; K Humphreys, R. Dawkins, S.Harris, C. Hitchens, J. Loftus, D.Barker, D. Mckinsey etc, curses, but you can still turn your life into a living hell by acting without due care and attention, ignoring health and safety legislation and your countries law, can't I tempt anyone? curses, I'm off for a quick one with God,,,chat that is;re Gen ch11, I'm sure he will share my enthusiasm to stop you gaining knowledge of the whole history of religion and a well rounded understanding of science. Then maybe our God squad will succeed in warping humanitys brain round our bronze age riddle, Tee hee, Why some creation "scientists" deny evolution even though genome mapping confirms the tree of life, and they say light went quicker before the flood, My God we are a genius, we'll bring you to another dark age yet, ha, yours deceitfully, Satan {just kidding,at least I can admit human authorship, unlike the bible}
November 16, 2010 - 02:58 PM
Tickets 2

reduced-now only $10-used to cost all your spare money, a life of mental trauma, dull drudgery, mind bending attempts at changing the definition of most words in the bible, worry about whether you and your family would go to heaven or hell, ( self flagellation, optional for zealots) bulk discounts available 1000 for $1000
November 14, 2010 - 10:33 AM
a christian

Dear Jesus, I thank you for Ken leading me into the truth that you never existed.Lord it is only human to feel angry at being deceived, I confess that I am struggling with fury at this fraud. But Lord I will endeavour to forgive as I would be forgiven and realise that, like father like son, you would probably say it was all mans fault anyway & we should have twigged the joke when you were made to say Mk 9v1 &Matt 16v28 that you would return in 1st C. So Lord I will turn a blind eye to this indiscretion and having read "The Jesus Mysteries", now realise that you only ever existed in the heavenlies and will carry on as if this never happened. Jesus you will always be real to me, just like you were part of me, even though you never existed and the bible is mostly fiction.
November 14, 2010 - 06:43 AM
Atheist universe

page 35, Interviewer: even though you don't believe that he was God, do you believe that Jesus Christ, the man, lived on Earth?
David Mills: Probably not. If he did actually live, then He was almost certainly illiterate, since he left no writings of his is curious to ponder an illiterate God
I say Amen-Ra to Hmmms comments.David Mills in his Good Book: "Atheist Universe" asks in the chapter "The Myth of Hell"; who established the rule "without the shedding of blood, there can be no forgiveness of sin"?..."The fact that God supposedly demands blood before He offers forgiveness is indicative of the bestial mindset of the primitive cultures extant when the Bible was written. The Biblical God was created in man's own vengeful,bloodletting image".The truth is Hell does not exist and as Robert Ingersoll stated circa 1880C.E;"The myth of Hell represents all the revenge, cruelty and hatred of man"

  It's true both sides of the argument should be voiced, what does that say about all the ministers who haven't told the other side? All ministers should read out "JNE" to their congregation along with John Loftus "why I became an atheist" and Dan Barker "godless". Compare Acts 5v15 where people expected to be healed by Peters shadow- to the ancient Egyptian belief that your shadow was your soul. Compare John 20v22 where Jesus breathes on his disciples for them to receive the Holy Spirit -to the Eyptian belief that your breath was your spirit. The Bible is full of primitive/false beliefs

Mark ch10v17&18 a young man addresses Jesus as "good teacher", Jesus replies,"why do you call me good, no one is good- except God". Jesus should have said "The God/Word part of me is good but the physical human part is neutral". However if Jesus body was in the unfallen state (without sin) then it would have been good as "when the world was created God said it was good". So Jesus refusal to accept being called good implies his body was not neutral to good but maybe unrighteous? Maybe Jesus meant "look lads I'm only human like you" but they insisted "no, you are our Messiah". Probably that gospel author couldn't decide if he could make Jesus be God or not. That day he thought no.

Near his beginning man created the gods, in mans own image he created them, they were a figment of his imagination but they ruled over him and terrorised him. The undue fear of these gods was the beginning of madness but brave men refused to heed the fearful and developed the tools of science and reasoning. They proved beyond doubt that this world is governed not by supernatural gods but by the laws of physics e.g thermodynamics. Mans main biological threat is germs not evil spirits. Worshipping goodness, love, truth, kindness as ideologies is of value but need to be balanced with a no- nonsense attitude. Moderation in all things. Modern laws are based on health and safety considerations as well as the aim to create an orderly society with equality and opportunity for self improvement

  Why didn't God just say the Egyptians were right? I believe this is a fatal flaw for the Bible.Just shows what happens when you don't do your history homework. Remember the quip; Acts 7v22, the bible simply isn't true. Well that isn't fair, some bits are historical. Actually the Libyans wore side locks long before the Hebrews. I suppose it was difficult to find new ideas even then though? If you want an in depth theory of how the Egyptian beliefs merged with the Canaanite beliefs out of which the Hebrews religion emerged see Gary Greenberg "The Moses mystery"

Thanks for seconding that. Here is The China Syndrome for the Bible: ACTS ch 7 v22 "Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians". What wisdom? Well the Egyptians had mostly good social laws as reflected in The Negative Confession, they viewed pork as unclean, they practiced circumcision, they had a temple lay out similar to that later adopted by the Hebrews, they had ideas of afterlife, heaven/hell and a god of Judgement (Osiris),they had a type of monotheism as introduced by Akhenaten who also rejected the Osiris judgement. So if Moses knew all this already from the Egyptians then what was the story about going up Mt Sinai all about? The person who wrote words into Stephens mouth has made him "full of the Holy Spirt" confess that the old Testament core beliefs are a lie. You will note that all the above ideas are adopted by Moses. Also in Acts 7v38 Stephen says that it was "an angel" who spoke to Moses up Mt Sinai whereas in the O.T it was said to be God himself. Further where did the Egyptians get their wisom? I think they would claim their wisdom was inspired by their Gods- Re, Ptah, Osiris, Aten etc. So you could easily say that Moses followed the teachings of the Egyptian gods and his decision was confirmed by an angel up Mt Sinai. Quite surprising when you consider the O.T. is constantly calling the other gods evil. Maybe evil in the Bible just means competing? After all Yahweh was brother to Baal and probably quite jealous of his big Egyptian cousins too. An explanation for Moses up Sinai with God is that Moses had forgotten the Egyptian laws? Or maybe he just needed a photocopy? Maybe the O.T. is correct and the N.T. a lie? After all Rabbis wisely point out that Christianity is not supported by the Hebrew bible and Jesus didn't fit the criteria of Messiah. However Moses is also proven wrong in claiming his rules made the Hebrews different- they were copying the Egyptians. Why didn't God just simplify things by saying the Egyptians were righ...

An alternative to a religious view is the view that all religions emerged out of previous religions which originally evolved out of primitive superstitions. i.e all religions are man made, there is no supernatural world, no hell, nothing in that department to fear.Probably we cease to exist at death. The earliest ideas about hell seem to originate in Egypt pre 1500BCE though there are signs from human burials that humans wondered about an afterlife pre 10,000BCE .Egyptians probably thought the moon was a god because they saw a face there. They thought their breath was their spirit and that their shadow was their soul. They were guessing!

September 13, 2010 - 06:24 AM
Oldest reference on JNE

Thanks for your book "Jesus never existed". Thanks for being brave and writing it and publishing. I was brought up in a U.K church environment. I'm now 42. I finally concluded a couple of years ago there was no way the Bible could be put together rationally. At that point I started doing research about it on-line. I was shocked when I discovered that all the ministers I'd listened to had only told me 5% of the story about the history of world religions. Your book is an excellent all round summary- a real education. I'm really embarrassed, I'd thought I knew it all by my teenage but I hadn't even scratched the surface. Somehow I just trusted the ministers to tell me of anything untowards. Everyone should read your book then people might hopefully be less adamant about religion- when the evidence in favour is virtually nil. Even my school R.E was just a sunday school lesson. He didn't tell us there were libraries full of scholarly research and rational criticism of the Bible. I have also read Richard Dawkins God delusion which is also a work of genius. I can remember the impression I had as a child that the Bible was cold comfort and frightening craziness. Wish to god I'd thrown it out as nonsense, too bad I heeded the ministers threats. I believe you can't be fully sane until you stand against all the nonsense of the Bible and say "no" to it. There probably is no god. It is even more certain that a human sacrifice was never going to acheive anything.
Keep up the good work.

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