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Wholly ReWrit Biblical Nonsense

February 06, 2011 - 02:04 PM
Biblical Nonsense

Jason Long,p117 In his good chapter about how the Bible fails to condemn slavery, points to Noah; Genesis 9v20. Ham has noticed Noah lying naked and tells Shem and Japheth who take it upon themselves to put a towel over Noah. When Noah wakes he curses the son of Ham & his ancestors to SLAVERY. A normal balanced person would say,'oh thanks son' but Noah does the most unrighteous, unfair, barbaric thing possible by cursing generations to slavery. You'll notice the rest of the Bible including 'Jesus' never criticise this act.They read 'Noah was righteous' and repeat that parrot fashion, never evaluating for themselves. 2 Peter 2v5 says Noah was a preacher of righteousness. The Bible should have written,"You shall not beat/injure anyone working for you, you shall allow them to leave and work for someone else if they choose to, you will pay them at least a days food & shelter & clothes for 8 hours work".

February 06, 2011 - 08:32 AM
Anti Plato

Christianity is a Trojan horse of psuedo-history wrapped up in a ribbon of 'love' that carries the brutal, mentally abusive doctrine of Tartarus.
Before Plato/Socrates, 400BCE,the myth was that Zeus threw the Titans into Tartarus. It was Plato in his myth of Er who developed the idea that humans who committed crimes would also end up in Tartarus. Interesting to read about the gods Sisyphus, Persephone, Tantalus, Ixion and what they did to earn themselves a place in the Tartarus of Hades. Plato erred greatly by creating that idea. I also read the suggestion that Plato and Xenocrates developed the ideas about daemons and how they influenced thoughts, which later fed into Christian myth
February 05, 2011 - 04:00 PM

If you want a good laugh see website that gives all versions of the bible, but look at Matt 15v2 where Jesus tells people not to bother washing their hands. Well the hilarious thing is that at the side, in the google ads column, there are ads for 'wash&glow taining kits-handwashing training','antibacterial hand wash, kills 99.9% bacteria','"Now wash your hands" signs'
[ps there is a good wikipedia page on 'aramaic of Jesus', which shows Mark uses by far the most aramaic quotes, maybe he was the only one who spoke both aramaic and greek or the only one clever enough to think of adding a touch of authenticity or maybe the only one with an aramaic version of the Torah along with his Josephus guide to first century Israel]
February 03, 2011 - 12:21 PM
The unraveller

How come we don't have Mark say,"I met Jesus and he had very short,tightly curled, black hair, his skin was of a very dark pigment,brown eyes,beaming white teeth, he was about 6ft tall. Mary and Joseph were both 5ft tall and fairly fair complexion and hair. This was proof indeed that Joseph was not the father. Jesus spoke Greek, Hebrew and aramaic. He often read the writings of Plato and Philo. In the Temple age 12 he read the Greek version Septuagint. How is it that there's so little detail that everything has to be guessed or other books scoured for answers? It wouldn't have been difficult to say which language each person who met Jesus spoke. On all important points the bible is dumb. John 19v30 has Jesus say"It is finished" but doesn't indicate he spoke in aramaic by giving the greek translation, neither luke 23v46, compare matt 27v46&mark15v33 which imply he spoke aramaic. Well that is proof he spoke both? Hey! since he was meant to be helpful he probably said,"Tetelestai" then,"ze gamur" to be sure his followers understood.
February 03, 2011 - 11:40 AM
Biblical nonsense

The bible is a collection of proto thoughts. James 2v11 is one of the most twisted nonsensical, they probably meant something like; Even if you have not committed murder but have eaten a bacon sandwich then you have broken the laws and will suffer the 5th death, which is 10times as terrible as the 2nd death, in fact it is so shockingly awful in its enormity that it would be inhumane to tell you and break the Geneva convention to write it.
Modern civilised laws distinguish between crimes with only serious crime leading to a prison sentence. Murder carries up to life in prison (to prevent the person doing another crime and to send a deterrent message). Adultery is not a criminal offence, but bigamy& perjury are.
February 03, 2011 - 11:23 AM

Acts 2v2 says the disciples were in a house and yet people from outside, scattered around Jerusalem heard them speaking. How did they know the disciples were from Galilee? How did anyone know where the foreign Jews came from? How could each know what the other had heard and understood? If the miracle was so convincing how come some thought they were drunk. Acts 2v17 said it would be ALL people who would receive the spirit. A real sign would have been that all converts started speaking Hebrew- the language of Yahweh or even better Peter could have said,"Before the return of Jesus there will be an industrial revolution, people will fly in the sky and land on moon, then the resources from underground will be depleted and the world will slip into a less glorious age."
February 02, 2011 - 06:17 PM
fictionalized history destroyer

A good argument that all the original N.T. writings were done in Greek can be found at G.Minks refutation of sacrednamemovement under 'original N.T. written in Greek'. All 5000 fragments ever found are in Greek.
Mel Gibson has Jesus speak in Aramaic. Question: Did Pilate speak to Jesus in Greek? Did 'Jesus'&co speak Greek?
Corey Keating under 'why the N.T. was written in Greek' at ntgreek makes a good case that most people in Israel in first century spoke Greek. Jews around the Med. had the Greek Septuagint and most Jewish burial insciptions were in Greek. 'Jesus' has greek people speak to him. Keating concludes J&co would have been bilingual if they came from Galilee. So then in Acts 2v8 if Greek was the lingua franca why would they need a translation from what Peter said? Imagine scene:convert,"wow we can all understand him", cynic,"but isn't that cause we're all bilingual in Greek?",convert,"have you got to spoil all the miracles for me?"
January 30, 2011 - 05:41 PM

Luke 20v27 says that the Sadduccees,"Say there is no resurrection". I think the Sadducees represented the traditional ancient view of the priests who wrote the Torah/Septuagint pre 500BCE: that there was neither resurrection or hades or judgement of the dead. This verse is proof that 'Jesus' people were apostate from the ancient position. The Pharisees saw themselves as progressive, being led into deeper truths about the afterlife but infact were just accepting Egyptian/Greek ideas. This maybe from influence of Alexandrian Jews. Christians were maybe a further off shoot from the Pharisees. There was tension between them with the Pharisees calling them apostate (which they were having accepted alien doctrines of Hades/Tartarus, Egyptian afterlife, resurrection, judgement, godman). The N.T. ideas weren't inspired by Yahweh but came from the gods Osiris, Hades etc. The bible is the true story of peoples delusions with gods, a record of their fantasy dreamland and their hypotheses about why things happen. Hypotheses which have now been shown false. Moya K Mason 'Alexandria&the Hellenistic world' agrees with Kens account.
January 30, 2011 - 09:50 AM

The afterlife in the Torah; for the most part, the Torah describes the afterlife in vague early theme is that death means rejoining ones ancestors..other imagery emphasizes the finality of death: the dead are like dust returning to dust Ecc3v19 or water poured out on the ground 2Sam 14v14....Taken together, these early biblical desciptions of death seem to indicate that the soul continues to exist in some way after death, but not consciously.
TEHIYAT HAMEITIM: Resurrection of the dead. More developed concepts of the resurrection of the dead and afterlife seem to have entered Judaism under Hellenistic influence after the Torah was completed. It became one of the fundamental beliefs in rabbinic Judaism; the intellectual successors of the Pharisees. The Sadduccees,are noted in the N.T. denying there would be a resurrection {are these the traditionalists who resisted the new ideas from the Greeks etc}. Pharisees suggested "the dead will come up through the ground and rise up in Jerusalem, and the righteous fully clothed" [probably in Levi's] Reform Judaism rejects resurrection.
January 28, 2011 - 06:14 PM

WHEN THE JEWISH HEBREW BIBLE WAS TRANSLATED INTO GREEK THEY USED THE WORD HADES IN PLACE OF SHEOL, this is perhaps where all the confusion came from. The main centre for Hellenistic Jews 300-200BCE was in Alexandria and it was here that the Hebrew bible was translated to Greek in stages, completed 130BCE
January 28, 2011 - 05:33 PM
the lost gospel of judas

You've maybe never wondered what Yahwehs response was when jesus cried from the cross,'My God, my God why have you forsaken me'. Well I have just dug out the reply from among the lost gospels & I can see why the early christians wanted it lost. Yahweh replied,"Well how long have you got? I have quite a list here, but I'll read until you fall asleep. Firstly my commandment was 'you shall serve no other gods but Yahweh', well you served the evil god Hades by threatening people with Tartarus. This is a thing I never would have done, I might have struck them down with lightning or drowned them with flood or had them stoned but when they were dead I was kind enough to let them rest in peace. You have not honoured my name but rather blasphemed it by alleging that I could be more evil that Hitler. I am not as psychopathic as that. 2nd you taught people not to wash hands before eating, imagine all the illness that will cause if people copy you. 3rd I don't suppose it is a good time to tell you but I never had a son after killing off the other gods and my wife Asherah in 700BCE." and a cloud of black gloom hung over Jesus and he wept. But then God said,"don't worry, I'll look after you like I do sparrows; it's kind of fun to be extinct" (see 2 Peter 2v4 where the greek word Tartarus was actually the word used but in the english good news bible is written 'hell')
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January 28, 2011 - 04:38 PM

Jesus sinned, here is why: In the first of the ten commandments Yahweh says Exodus 20v3 "You shall serve no other gods but me", well Jesus served the Greek god Hades by speaking Hades doctrine of eternal torture in hades/Tartarus. Jesus preached the doctrine of Hades. Jesus made the nazty threats of eternal torment in Hades underworld dungeon. Yahwehs doctrine was of sheol, Yahwehs words were that all men went to a benign underworld of silence and non-life, resting in peace. Jesus did not speak the words of Yahweh in heaven but rather the words of Hades in the underworld.
For anyone gullible enough to worry about christianity this is the escape from Hade's Alcatraz
This is the get out of hades free card.
Jesus should have remembered you can't teach old gods new tricks.
January 26, 2011 - 05:53 PM
Prosecutor of Jesus the anti christ

Firstly we must determine what god was Jesus the son of? Modern Bibles seem to have removed all the specific names of God so I begin to forget. Well you know the saying, like father like son, since Jesus allegedly preached eternal hell fire torture he obviously wasn't son good old Yahweh. Was Jesus the son of the god Hades or son of the god Osiris? Jesus was quite like Osiris in having a judgement day with a weighing of the heart and also a get out clause like T.N.C. However entry to Osiris heaven was easily bought by paying the priests to say the negative confession to clear you of blame for your indiscretions. Jesus on the other hand made an offer which up front sounded fairly simple, just believe in him, but unfortunately the small print was utterly bewildering and you are left unsure as to what to believe and wondering about your fate. Maybe not Osiris. What about Hades, well the Greeks had a reputation for brutality, think Spartans, so they probaly had a brutal hell, Yep, they had a part of hades called Tartarus, a deep gloomy part of Hades used as a dungeon of torment and suffering. To be fair though I think we will just have to leave a question mark over who was Jesus father.
January 26, 2011 - 05:36 PM
Defence for Yahweh

The Old Bailey, Yahweh in the dock: Your honour, Yahweh has been condemned for the many acts of cruelty and injustice he has allegedly commanded/ authorised. However before you hastily sentence Him to the laughing stocks or extinction, may I plead a reprieve. After mulling over the case, I have realised this point in his defence. Yahweh was the God of the benign sheol; that place of non life, unknowingness, silence were everyone went. I find that aspect of Him praiseworthy in comparison to his more brutal neighbours. Yahweh denounced the gods like Osiris and Hades with their doctrines of eternal hell fire torture as evil. I find that I must applaud Him on that morally good, humane stance. If only we'd paid more heed to good old Yahweh how much mental anguish we'd have spared those simple,poorly read ,ignorant folk who were gullible and credulous of myths. Your honour, I plead you will show leniency and release Yahweh on bail that he might defend folk from more abusive delinquent gods and pretenders to His throne.

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