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If people were to go through the Bible and look up each of the words in a decent encyclopedia or even just wikipedia then that would expand their knowledge & I think they should soon see that the Bible is mostly fairytales with only a few specks of reality. But what of Biblegod's ignorance of the existence of the New World & Australia; a glaring omission? No priest or Imam prophesied it. Only Joseph Smith wrote it into his scriptures after the event.
If Jesus had told his disciples about the New World in his Old Word book then the Old World might have discovered the New World foods 1500 years sooner and enjoyed foods native to the Americas such as: sweetcorn - corn flour custard - popcorn, avocado, potatoes, tomatoes, sweet & chili peppers, pumpkin, courgette, vanilla orchid pods, peanuts, pineapple, green beans, coca-cola, modern large strawberries come from Fragaria virginiana from eastern North America and Fragaria chiloensis, which was brought from Chile , not forgetting the turkey. ( Maybe Jesus was afraid that people would discover tobacco and become addicted so kept the whole Americas thing secret but then why, after they already had got hold of tobacco, did he never tell anyone about the risk of cancer from inhaling the tobacco smoke ? Should he be sued for negligence ?)
Science & reason can allow people to see the funny side of religion. It is a delicious irony that chocolate eggs are such a prominent feature of Easter because Jesus did nothing to help find the Easter eggs, he kept it a secret and offered Peter snakes instead: Acts 10v12.
Hey just imagine that the Book of Mormon story about Jesus flying over to America after his ascension  was real, then you would have Jesus enjoying the  Mayan chocolates while offering his friend Peter snakes . Maybe Peter should have replied to the visionary voice, " Get behind me Satan " ?
In fact Jesus silence about the existence of the Americas may have been interpreted as saying that there was no major new information to tell about the continents of Earth. It looks like he did not use his talents to their full. The rolling of Easter eggs could symbolize the rolling away of the myths of relegion & of the individual leaving Plato /Freud's cave / tomb.
Atheism is the appliance of science which enables us to pull the Easter bunny out of the hat.
With 21st century knowledge, all things can work for good for those who love truth. Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter foods can be a celebration that science, reason and scripture scholarship have been the tools to help us work out, beyond reasonable doubt, that Christianity is largely based on myth and that the Bible is more akin to novels like the historical fictions of Sir Walter Scott or play by William Shakespeare. Not totally false but not nearly all true.
When I tuck into turkey I think, " Jesus is stuffed ".
When I eat pumpkin pie with maple syrup I think, " Jesus coach and horses has turned back into a pumpkin, four mice, a rat and a lizard." [ you can decide for yourself which member of the clergy is the mouse, rat and lizard ]
When I eat potato crisps I think " Man can not live on bread alone so why didn't Jesus tell us about potatoes ?"
And when I raise a glass of coca cola I might say " No thanks to the abrahamic gods, they never revealed the Americas to any of their followers "
America the land of the free, or freedom from religion, if people were aware of their roots.
Old Testament God implied that the world was flat, people were afraid of falling off the edge of the ocean. Levi ti cuss 11v22 offers people locusts when it could have told them about tomatoes & peanuts.
Luke 4v5 has the devil show Jesus all the kingdoms of the world but Jesus keeps the existence of America secret from everyone.
Acts 10v12 Could have fisherman Peter see a vision of a table cloth with New World foods spread on it and a voice commanding him to sail over the pond with the gospel and receive chocolate etc as his reward. Instead Peter is offered reptiles. ' [ note that Matt 7v10 says who would give their son a snake when they asked for chocolate ]
No religious leader predicted the existence of the Americas or Australia before Christopher Columbus bumped into the Americas and even he thought he'd found far side of the far east.
Real history shows the scriptures to be mostly made up, invented history, a warped history of the world. Science turns the scriptures into a joke book. Higher criticism has the tools to solve the Bible puzzle, but even a child could use a rule of thumb and decide the minister is just making stuff up.

Put the old & the new together. Compare the Old World with the New World
Compare the Old Bible superstitions with New 21st Century clearer more realistic knowledge.
Add the sugar cane, native to India to the cocoa from America to make chocolate
Add the coca leaves to the Kola nut from Africa along with sugar cane to make coca-cola

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