Monday, 18 August 2014

Parody on the song , " Why ? " by Michael Card

Why did you have to refuse the myrrh that would have reduced the pain ( Mk 15v23 )
Why did you have to reject the myrrh wise men brought you as a baby king (Mt 2v11)
Why didn't you turn the vinegar into fine wine, loaded with gall / morphine
For God not to give analgesics to you seems to me to be really quite obscene

Why didn't Mary, your mother, bring you, your present of myrrh  to the cross ?
If you'd prayed for a miraculous anaethesia would it really have been any loss ?
Why didn't God stun you with a  lightning bolt to shorten your pain ?
 God's failure to administer palliative care seems to me partly insane

Why did Matthew 27 verse 34 change the myrrh of Mark into gall ?
Was it an attempt to fit with Psalm 69 verse 21, does that even work at all ?
Psalm 69 verse 20 says David never had any comforters
But Mark 15 verse 23 has Jesus turn the comforters away
Has Jesus really come into the world to steal every heart away ?

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