Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wholly, wholly mistaken, about the bacon, and circumcision as well.

Parody of the hymn, ” Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty ”
Tune, ” Nicaea ” by John Bacchus ( 1823-76 )
eg YT PipeOrganHymnsG0OJF channel
Wholly, wholly mistaken, about the bacon
it is reasonably healthy for you and it has always been
Taboos started by Ancient Egyptians, Cancelled by the Christians
Offered a choice twixt reptile or pork chops (Acts 10v12 )
Pig ignorant about circumcision ? Again started by Ancient Egyptians
recorded on 2400 BCE bas-relief inside the pyramids
Said to make them different, afraid it simply didn’t ( Genesis 17v11 )
Just another example of evolution and adoption of ideas
Was Jesus mainly fiction that for some is an addiction ?
Following cleverly invented stories contrary to what 2 Peter 1v16 says
He didn't know about Germ theory, scored an F minus in geography
Even when shown America & Australia by kindly devil ( Luke 4v5 )
Were the demons being sarcastic when the said Jesus was fantastic ? ( Lk 8v28)
"Oh yes you are the Son of God " but aren't demons supposed to lie
Weren't demons just imaginary, a primitive superstition ?
Legions of stories made up to explain the madness in the world ?
Don't base your life on fiction, rather go with science and reason
It could save you from blowing yourself up for no reason at all
Fantasy is quite funny if you don't let it make your vision blurry
Just laugh at the minister and throw him a banana
{Pig ignorant could have been the term for me for most of my life on this topic until I got the www. In any case I still am ignorant about a vast many things, who can keep up with it all ?}
[ See tabletmag website, Bas Relief Depicts Circumcision in Ancient Egypt
Relic from 2400 BCE believed to be the oldest illustration of the ritual ]

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