Saturday, 30 August 2014


                 I think it is a delicious irony that chocolate eggs are such a prominent feature of Easter because Jesus did nothing to help the Old World discover the food crops native to the New World. In fact the absence of any mention of the Americas from Jesus could have been interpreted as saying that there was nothing else of worth to be known about the geography of the world. Luke 4v5 says that the devil showed Jesus all the kingdoms of the world. So why did Jesus not pass on this joyous news ?

     Perhaps rolling the chocolate Easter egg can symbolize rolling away religious myth ?

     Perhaps the Easter bunny can symbolize pulling the rabbit out of the hat ?

             Realizing that Jesus was content for the Americas to remain ignorant of his gospel for a further 1500 years and also to let the Old World suffer without the New World foods for the same time can cast doubt on his claims of love & truth and treating others as you would want them to treat you. What Jesus? Would you not have enjoyed chocolate, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, avocado, squash, pumpkin, maple syrup, sweet corn / pop corn / custard powder, sweet & chilli peppers, vanilla ? Was Jesus afraid that folk from the Old World would get addicted to tobacco or cocaine  or get to drinking too much coca cola ?

    So one of the best evidences against the existence of Jesus is chocolate
  Why was it, "Give us this day our daily bread " rather than " Give us this day our daily chocolate ?"
Why did the Holy Spirit who was supposed to lead folk into all truth not reveal America ( John 16v13)

  Atheism is the appliance of science. Science turns the Bible into funny fiction or rather shows which points in the Bible stories are not real. Google each of the words and ideas mentioned in the Bible, look them up on a good encyclopedia or wikipedia then you will be lead into all truths known so far.

" Christianity is no real "  The New Testament has many verses which mention virtues such as truth, love, honesty, justice, mercy but i think that Jesus had his wires crossed on many points. So much so that Christianity became a run away train. However changing the set of points back again might bring the train to roll safely into the station. The Bible has failed in the detail by linking love to actions and ideas which are not loving, linking Truth to stories which are not true. Or rather the stories are a mixture of true and false, good and evil, light and dark, civilized and barbaric, sane and insane, real and fantasy.
   I used to think that God / Jesus was not all there but now I wonder if he isn't there at all
   I used to think that there was something not quite right about the Bible but now I wonder if there is anything much right about it at all.
    Pass me another hot cross bun, that just about symbolizes it.

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