Thursday, 21 August 2014

Why did Jesus not sail across the Atlantic to the Americas ?

       The gospel stories claim that Jesus was able to calm the storms on the sea of Galilee and to walk on water, so why did Jesus not sail across the Atlantic in his little fishing boat ? If Jesus had done this then the Americas would have got the Bible stories 15 hundred years sooner. If Jesus wasn't able to fit the trip into his diary then he might at least have told his disciple that the world was a sphere like an apple or orange and that they would need to sail all the way round the Earth so that the gospel would  be shared round everyone as soon as possible. It looks to me like Jesus did not use his talents to their best effect, it also looks like God was in no hurry for everyone to hear the gospel. If the great  commission Jesus gave  his disciples had been; to sail round the world, then the Old World might have learned of the New world 15 hundred years sooner and also had the pleasure of eating foods from the New World sooner, food such as chocolate, tomatoes, potatoes, sweetcorn, pumpkin and peppers are from the Americas. So was it a bit of a sin not to tell the Old world about the New world ? Was Jesus perhaps failing to live up to the golden rule  of treating others as you would have them treat you. Jesus never treated the old world to chocolate, that isn't very generous or friendly. Now some will try to defend Jesus by asking how he could possibly known of the New world when it was not discovered until 1492 when Christopher Columbus sailed there. However the gospels have stories which claim that god was able to shout down from the sky, things like " this is my son with him I am well pleased " so how is it that god wasn't able to shout down,  " By the way the Earth is a sphere shape - like an apple or orange. In any case Luke 4v5 says that the devil took Jesus up to a high place and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant. So what is Jesus excuse for not telling anyone about this amazing discovery ? Did Jesus have his eyes closed in prayer at that point ? Or because he was afraid of heights. Or maybe Jesus was so hungry that he couldn't concentrate after being out in the desert for 40 days without food. Well Luke 4v3 says the devil recommended that Jesus turn some stones into bread, so if he had done then maybe he would have been able to concentrate and pass the test instead of being afraid to sit it as Luke 4v12 says, " do not put god to the test "  Why, because he will fail ? Why did Jesus not carve a map of the world onto a beam of wood ? A skillful craftsman might have been able to carve a globe of the World. Are parts of the gospel stories just made up like fairy tales ?

Also Acts chapter 1 has a story about Jesus flying up into the sky. If Jesus could do this then why did he not fly over to the Americas and Australia to tell them the good news before heading off into the milky way, or where ever he thought he was going when he ascended. At least when he got quite high up he might have noticed that the Earth was not in fact flat like everyone thought but actually a sphere. If he had been going slowly enough then the New World might have rotated under neath him. Why did Jesus not fly back down to tell his disciples about his discovery ?

It is interesting that Joseph Smith appears to have noted this idea  in 1825 and in his Book of Mormon invented the story that Jesus had in fact flown over to the Americas and told the lost tribe of Israel about his New Testament ideas. However history shows that when the Europeans discovered the native American Indians they had no knowledge of the Bible stories. Well Joseph Smith covers up this difficulty by saying that Jesus visit was forgotten by the Indians. David Fitzgerald in his book, " The complete heretics guide to western religion, The Mormons "  explains how the Book of Mormon came to be written.

It worth noting that religious scriptures never manage to tell the world of new discoveries but only manage to include information that was at large in society. If you look at the Koran which was written about 700 AD you will not find any reference to the New World or Australia.

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