Sunday, 28 September 2014

Religion a form of mimicry of reality whereas Evolution by natural selection is reality

Are religions a form of mimicry ? Maybe religion mimics reality ? The stories of religion recorded in scriptures succeed because though wildly improbable they appear to still be ‘possible’ and contain ideas that people wish to be real.
The shaman / priest uses their stories to trap and parasitize their flock. If people had sufficient knowledge of history & science and tried to apply them critically to the religious stories then they would soon see the difference between the mimic of reality and probable reality.
Are the errors of scripture like Cordyceps fungi ?
See. Cordyceps: attack of the killer fungi – Planet Earth Attenborough BBC wildlife on Youtube BBCWorldwide channel
Maybe the opposite of religion is the theory of evolution as it gives the reality that everything evolves by very gradual processes where as religion expects instant mysterious magic. The religious stories can be seen to have evolved from Torah to O.T. to N.T. to Koran to Book of Mormon to Watch tower. Maybe the Koran virus has lost its eyesight like the Mexican tetra or blind cave fish (Astyanax mexicanus) The Koran has had the tolerant ideas found among the N.T. mix stripped out. It has lost the inner conflict of the debate- were we meant to follow O.T. laws or Pauls idea of living by spirit guidance? So instead of healthy doubt there is more unhealthy tendency towards certainty to follow barbaric 7th century morality.

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