Monday, 8 September 2014


John 18v38 has Pilate ask, " What is Truth ? "  and then said, ( ReWrit) " I find no basis for a charge against him, I even asked him to turn some water into his best wine but he refused saying he doesn't like being put to the test "
 Was there no evidence that Jesus could claim to be a king of the Jews, no evidence of an organisation or finances or network structure, no headquarters, no writings by Jesus or about Jesus by others, no evidence of royal birth, no evidence of a significant following among Jewish people,no evidence of miracles having been done,  no evidence of knowing things about the world that weren't already known ?

Maybe Pilate would have said, " What is Truth ? Things aren't truth just because you assert that they are truth. You need evidence that things are true. Think of the fossilized sea shells that can be seen in the stones of many of Roman buildings and most of the quarries and marble of Italy, also high in the Apennines & the Alps e.g. Mount Cenis; clearly they show that life on Earth is ancient and not just 4000 years old like the Jewish scriptures claim. Also they show that the land which used to be under the sea has been pushed up by massive forces to form these high mountains. There have been great changes in Earth geology over countless eons. If you were divine then you would surely at least be able to know more than the common uneducated peasant. You would also know that this idea of Hades you talk about is probably adopted from the ancient Greeks or Zoroastrians. Do you think that Zeus lives on Mt Olympus ? Look these are no more than amusing fantasies. Please go away home and get a proper education and stop making a nuisance of yourself before you meet an untimely end.
   Why not take a study tour of the ossified skeletons Echinoderms.  Eocene fossilized fish from a limestone quarry at Ain El Sira, Cairo. Or petrified fish in the hills of the Barbary coast.
   Now I bid you adieu "

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