Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Pathetic Prophecy

2 Peter 1v20 " no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation " 
Is this an admission that the N.T. writers twisted the O.T. passages to make them sound like prophecy ? Maybe the folk who wrote the O.T. would have rejected most of the N.T. claims about Jesus & co. They would be like, " What are you talking about, it never occurred to us even that there was a hell or that we would need saved from it by someone being murdered "
Again 2 Peter 2v4 in original Greek uses ' Tartarus ' which was a dungeon in the mythical Hades.
The author of 2 Peter 2v5 seems to assume that Noah's flood was a real factual flood but there is no evidence of such a flood in the last 6000 years, but maybe it was just a little local flood ( in the authors mind perhaps ? )
How come Jesus never prophesied about finding all the fossil fuel & an industrial revolution ? How come no N.T. writer prophesied about the population explosion and eventual crash when the fossil fuel & uranium & phosphates were used up ? Is that because humans are going to get nuclear fusion working and recycle all the sewage ? How come Jesus never prophesied that the fossil fuels would cause run away global warming melting all the ice and flooding the world ? Is that because run away global warming is going to be frozen in it's tracks by a new ice age ?
2 Peter 3v9 Patience is sometimes a virtue but Jesus better get his skates on and return before humanity perishes either by lack of fuel, global warming, global freezing or WWIII nuclear winter, or major asteroid strike or GM virus pandemic, whatever.
By God. I've just noticed global warming is prophesied in 2 Peter 3v12, " The elements will melt in the heat " Maybe in the next version of the Bible we could just change " elements" to " ice " cause I am just so sure that is what they really meant, in fact I feel I have the Spirit on this matter.
Proverbs 21v9 Better to be out in the desert than with a nagging wife - not if she is living in your house. Actually it would be better to find a way of reasoning with your wife so that she doesn't nag in a destructive way. Sometimes that nagging could work to positive effect. For instance just say Job's wife in Job 2v9 had said to him, " I don't know what that narrator over in the corner is writing about, seems like a nonsensical interpretation of events to me, Isn't it just more likely that there is no supernatural realm or gods, these natural disasters seem just random, however I always did say you should have got a professional in to build our house. "

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