Thursday, 24 October 2013

Yesterday, today, tommorrow Jesus is always changing

So what was the real history of Jerusalem ? I'll have to reread " The Bible Unearthed " by Israel Finkelstein for a proper account.
For a rough guess sketch - Maybe the first religious site was a totem pole or Asherah pole that later had a Canaanite style temple built round, which was gradually filled with other superstitious statues and trinkets. The contents gradually changed as travelling priests passed through from Egypt and Babylon. The Temple gradually got added to, alterations and demolitions from battles occurred. Maybe it fell into disuse at times and recolonized by other people. The aural stories about the doctrines gradually being added to and morphing from one thing into another, the writings changing from proto semitic to western semitic to hebrew to greek. A constant wikipedia like evolution of ideas.
Maybe not much different from modern churches. Even looking at gradually shifting of christian music, with the tunes drawing in ideas from pop music culture. Where the lyrics drop detail and focus more on vague ideas of love and trust.
So really John 1v1 should say, " In the beginning was the Word, but it was very different from the one we now see in 3rd century CE "
John 1v14 " The word became a historicized character "
Malachi 3v6 " I the Lord am forever changing - just wait to you see what I'm like in the New Testament and I'll be unrecognizable by the time I get to 2013 "
OR Malachi 3v6 " I the Lord never change ( unfortunately ), which could be part of the problem, perhaps it is time for a new regeneration of time lord, God Who ?
Hebrews 13v8 Jesus Christ was different yesterday from the century before from the millennium before that, from 200 CE when he took final shape on paper, from 100 CE when the teacher of righteousness was just a gleam in the eye of a half crazed priest.
Matthew 5v18 " Quit changing the smallest letters and strokes of the pen to try to make the text say whatever you want it to, my version is the final one ", " No it isn't you've hijacked it ", " Look here both of you, piss off, I was here first ", " No I have more authority and you'll be burnt at the stake if you don't beat it ", " We'll see about that "
Rev 22v18 " I know how you lot keep adding and revising the religious stories but cut it out or else a thousand diseases be on you, the committee has agreed that my version is authoritative, so enough already "
[ Hebrews 13v4, " The marriage bed should be kept pure, change the sheets at least once a month ", " Are you serious ? It needs to be once a week or I'm leaving you ", " Ah quit nagging ", " You don't appreciate me, none for you then ", " Aw come on dear, you know i love you really ", " All you can think of is sex ", " Darn, I can't win, I'm off to the pub ", " Door slams " ]

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