Sunday, 29 September 2013

Jesus RIP

I'm thinking of wearing a necklace ( chain ) with a coffin pendant, on the lid it will say, " Jesus is dead, RIP "
People can take the RIP as meaning Religious Invented Propaganda or alternatively
Risen Into Paradise or Rotting in purgatory 
or perhaps Really Insidious Paradigm 
Where Paradigm means Para dig m - you can't really dig him up cause he never really existed except in fiction ?

" Give us this day our daily bread / helpful thoughts "
Maybe this is a proto idea on the lines of, " I hope I'll be able to think of the thoughts & things to say which will give me success in relationships / business "
How many marriages could have been happier and longer lasting if only the winning words were said ? Like Cher sang, " I would take back those words which have hurt you and you'd stay "
I think Richard Dawkins & John Loftus & co. speak a much more healthy " daily bread " than the Bible's ergot ridden offerings. 1 Thess 5v21 suggests- " test everything, hold on to what is good. " So WIBA & Outsider test of faith does this and finds that the bible stories are probably mostly fiction and the thinking behind the stories is often warped. James 1v23 is sort of like advising against looking in the mirror but not doing anything to fix their appearance. -- So the sensible response to many of the Bible stories is that they need amended. This is what the authors of the Bible needed to do - ( psalm 139v 23-24 ) search and try their ideas and conclude that they were seriously flawed, edit, revise. Or maybe it's that the majority of authors who contributed nonsense to the Bible should have paid more attention to the few that wrote some semblance of sense. It would have been funny if at least one of the psalms have been like, " You know what, I wonder if there is a cosmic God anyhow, cause it just seems like this world carries on sort of random. Maybe life on Earth happened purely by material causes ? Who made God if there is one, maybe I should read those books by Socrates & Epicurus "
Why didn't they make Jesus say, " There are no answers in this book "
In The Simpsons Movie Homer spoke " Daily Bread "; ' This book doesn't have any answers ' : Grampa simpson has a revealing moment in church

So you're in church praying, " Deliver us from evil "
Then you leave the church and walk down the street, you pass a bookstore and there in the window is a copy of, " The End of Christianity ". You feel mysteriously drawn to go in and read the book. After a couple of chapters you see the light and declare " Hallelujah, there is no god, I'm saved from religious oligarchy "
Fairly obvious that the origin of " lead us not into temptation " is cause an extremely attractive woman has just sat down in the pew in front of you.
Or on the other hand it could be the feeling you get when listening to a sermon and you are extremely tempted to ask the minister to sit down & play the Americas cup on the screen instead.
Quite odd that the Bible doesn't have Jesus being asked about other famous writings or about who exactly wrote stuff in the O.T.

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