Monday, 7 October 2013

Jesus goes to drink at a rather attractive woman's well

John 4v16 : Jesus goes to drink at a rather attractive woman's well 
Jesus told her, " Go call your husband "
" I have no husband " she replied, " What about you, do you have a girl friend ? "
" No " Jesus replied, " For it was not yet my time to come again "
Delilah, for that was the name the woman was known by, replied slightly tauntingly, " You are still a virgin aren't you ?"
Jesus , " Yes, what you have said is quite true, but if you knew how desperate I am to drink at your well, you would ask me and I would satisfy your thirst, for a have a well that can spring up to give new life "
Delilah, " Well I have a jar of olive oil with which to anoint your feet "
Jesus, " Behold I stand at your door and am ready to knock, I long to place my finger in the latch opening and enter "
Delilah, " My lord and my god "
Jesus, " Then let us go up to the mountain orchards to worship, I hope to see the twin fawns of a gazelle there "
Delilah, " Yes come into my garden and taste it's choice fruits "
Then they were taken up into cloud 9 and transfigured

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