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Surely a God would be under the same laws that he gives to humans ?

 Matt 16v16 has Simon Peter say that Jesus is " the Christ a Son of the living God." and Jesus confirm these are words from the Father in Heaven. 
 Matt 7v12 has Jesus say the Golden Rule, " So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets ". The inverse is do not do to others what you would not have them do to you. 
Well I do not want to go to an eternal torment so if i acted according to the Golden Rule of Matt 7v12,         I would not send anyone else to eternal torment / hell. Jesus taught his disciples to live according to the Golden Rule then gave Simon Peter the keys of the kingdom of heaven, Matt 16v19, which would mean he could not send anyone to hades as Peter would not want to go there either. 

What other rules does the N.T. have Jesus give the disciples to live by ?
Luke 6v37 , " Do not condemn that you be not condemned, forgive and you will be forgiven ",
Matt 5v7 Blessed are the merciful
Matt 5v44 Love your enemies
Matt 22v39 The greatest commandment- love your neighbour.
Romans 10v13 Love does no harm to its neighbour therefore love is the fulfilment of the law
Ephesians 5v28 Husbands ought to love their wives as their own sane mind would hate their own body but feed and care for it.

How would Simon Peter send anyone to hell without condemning himself ? 
How would God let anyone go to a hell without falling in himself ?

It would not be ethical to let anyone go to an eternal torture / hell.  A loving God would not do that.

Matt 5v38 You have heard it said, " Eye for eye and tooth for tooth but do not even exact such revenge "

It would not be proportionate or like for like to let any human suffer for ever more for any errors they could do on Earth. If some one stole something it would not be eye for eye or tit for tat to cut off their hand or murder them, only that they should return the same value of goods that they stole. It would be over the top to
let people go into eternal suffering of hell. So a loving God could not let most of humanity go to a hell or he would be acting worse than Hitler, especially since the majority of humans have done no major harm to their neighbour- just going about their lives in a reasonable fashion, learning, working, making a family

If you think that Christ paid the price to save humanity then do you think his life wasn't enough for all humanity ?
When a sensible shepherd buys a pen of sheep at market, he doesn't ask whether they want to get on the lorry, he herds them all on whether they like it or not because he knows that they will like it at the farm once they get there. If any refuse he carries them onto the lorry.
If Jesus paid the price for humanity then he would surely take every one to a heaven

John 3v16 For God so loved the world.  Well Romans 13v10 says that love does no harm.
Matt 7v13 has Jesus say, "Broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it "
If Jesus / God knew that most people would go to destruction and if that meant hell then God would have a duty of care to prevent that either by ensuring that all did go to heaven or by terminating humanity in the first century to limit the numbers going to hell, or by letting people become unborn again- like before they were conceived- ceasing to exist or by cancelling hell. If Jesus won the victory over hell then surely he would have cancelled it out as if it never existed. Otherwise it would merely be like changing the jailer but maintaining the same system

The Bible is a complex mix of ideas.
 The most caring,  best of the ideas contradict the cruelest, worst of the ideas.
The doctrine of hell is incompatible with the ideas about love in the Bible
Hell either never existed or Jesus cancelled it out
The Bible is both true and false, right and wrong, good and evil
A loving God would not act like orthodoxy based on some Bible verses claims or he would break every good idea in the Book

Maybe people who threaten others with hell have been acting like the older brother of the prodigal son who was in a bad mood about the  unworthy getting good things. Or maybe they are like the the servant in who treated the others cruelly in Luke 12v45 or Matt 18v28 but note the Master acts hypocritically by having the servant tortured.

Maybe Richard Dawkins is like the Good Samaritan who comes to the rescue of those beaten up and made ill by the bad psychology of the Bible ? The ministers / pharisees are too busy trying to keep themselves in a job to help administer reality. The reality is that no one is going to a cosmic eternal hell. There is no evidence that it ever existed and it would not be ethical to let anyone go there and the best  loving verses in the Bible condemn such an idea. For Jesus to be a hero he would need to have cancelled hell.

Maybe the  myth of Jesus  does save us from the errors of myth and supernaturalism. The theological theories composed over 1700 years ago have been tried and tested by the winds of time, the cradle has rocked, the theory of evolution by natural selection has made the cradle fall, down came the fear of hell / hades and the hypothesis that there was a supernatural realm / God.

The curtain is riven from top to bottom. The veil is lifted. The rock of the Bible is split in two and the pure water come out like Numbers 20v11

Maybe the holy grail of the Bible is atheism ? How to win at Biblequest. From out of the swamp comes the sword, from out of the rock comes the sword to slay the dragon- threat of hell. We can get the tools from the Bible to show that there is no supernatural realm or hell. The Bible best supports the theory that there is no cosmic supernatural realm or God

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