Friday, 22 March 2013

Re Ancient Egyptian fantasy of the judgement by Osiris by weighing the heart in the scale against feather of truth.

 We should weigh the Gods in the scale of whether they act according to the Golden Rule. Obviously no God would like to be in a hell suffering forever more so they should not let humans go there either.   see Matt 7v12

 They should not condemn humans or they would condemn themselves,      Luke 6v37
 They would have to forgive or they would not be able to forgive themselves  Luke 6v37

  They should do the good they could or they would sin according to James 4v17

 If the Gods were real they could have told us all the technology we needed to make life sustainable and pleasant- information 
to enable the manufacture of medicine to prevent illness & provide sufficient food for all & means to conserve biodiversity
  Also they could have controlled births and deaths so that no sick babies were born and that people died before they suffered too much or were too senile.

  Note that  John 14v14 has Jesus say, " ask whatever you want in my name and you will have it " so how come the disciples fail to ask that all go to heavena and how come Jesus doesn't pray for that ? That was selfish.

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