Christ's last subconscious words from the cross were maybe, " I'll get you back, only infinitely worse. You might have put me on a cross for a few hours but I'll put you on a cross and worse for eternity ".
Anyone who agrees with the Geneva convention that it is unethical to torture people should agree that to torture people longer and worse than is possible on Earth would be even more unethical and more immoral. Yet some people can turn round and endorse A God doing that ?
If Christians think Hitler should be punished for making people suffer in the concentration camps then surely they should think God should be punished if he caused worse suffering. However the real answer is that AbrahamicGreekGod should have  prevented Hitler from doing the suffering at the time.
The only real justice is the prevention of injustice at the time. At the end of life on Earth no one will care what anyone thought about anything.  I suppose you could argue that the threat of punishment after death could make people try harder to avoid abusing others on Earth.

Even WLC tries to make his hell less cruel but it is still cruel. Any sensible God would just let people become unborn again like before conception.- that way he would save himself the headache of realizing he had caused most of humanity to suffer forever

It would be great to find a way to prevent people from doing crime though.