Sunday, 31 March 2013

If only there had been an alien or higher intelligence to tell the early Homo Sapiens how to optimize their experience of life on Earth. Even 20,000 years ago it could have made a big difference but not easy even with current technology. Even the Genesis idea of weeds is nonsense because with all the wildflower / weed seeds blowing around how could you have a situation were only the desired plant grew on a patch of ground ? Even with fruits in a tree there would always have been plenty of insects & birds looking at it for laying eggs in & food etc. The odd thing was that the other Great Apes seemed to have a more sustainable existence. Too clever is dumb ? But they have a fairly brutal existence
It would need a supernatural God to supervise birthrate / death rate by miraculously controlling heath & fertility to make this world pleasant for humans. Suffering would be all his fault, just as well he doesn't exist or he would have hell to pay.

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