Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Christ's last words from the cross should have been: " Actually I've suddenly realized that I would rather not experience this severe pain. God, I could really do with some paracetamol / acetaminophen, cyclooxygenase NSAIDs and codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, dihydromorphine, pethidine. Why have you not given me some ? Well if the holy spirit is real then it could magic away this paiin -- 15mins later-- God i'm in agony here. You wouldn't like it if you were in my shoes. Don't just sit there watching tv help me out-- 15 mins later-- God damn, you just don't realize what it is like, and I'm just going to be a few hours before I die, imagine how it is for the poor folk who suffer illness for years. Maybe we should have created ourselves with more empathy or tried out human suffering 250,000 years ago. God get the hell down here and help me, it's unbearable. Oh look here comes a soldier to offer me medicine- Uugh vinegar- that might help your chips mate but not folk who have had theirs. If this is what hell would be like then i wouldn't want anyone to experience it. Well actually if I was to act by the Golden rule I'd better not have anyone go there. Why didn't I pray that hell be abolished, yet I went around saying that whatever was asked for in my name would be granted, I wish I'd wished it. I'm confused. Maybe I've held some wrong ideas: hypocritical ones like the pharisees Luke 12v1
God why have you forsaken the world to suffering instead of helping us like you should, it's a sin not to if you could, James 4v17
Friends, Romans, countrymen I tell you the truth, I think hell was just an idea made up to threaten & intimidate folk cause I've been on this cross for a couple of hours now and my prayers for pain relief haven't been answered. It's looking pretty much like there is no God. Maybe I should have been more skeptical about the claims of the pharisees & other religions. I was just going with the crowd. Well now that I can see I've been deluded about the supernatural realm, can I come down now ?

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