Monday, 22 August 2011

Jesus Interrupted-Misquoting Jesus- Inspired by Bart Ehrman

The Bible has Jesus say 'don't call people Matt 5v22,"you fool"'  but Jesus doesn't stick to this maxim. Jesus is supposed to be perfect and so wouldn't say something unintended. So did Jesus say something imperfect or did the Bible authors misquote Jesus ? Through out the Bible authors don't comply with the maxim not to use terms like, 'you fool'. So how can anyone say that the Bible is inspired by God if it doesn't comply with Gods own rule as expressly spoken through Jesus in Matt 5v22?

The imaginary Gods/ intelligent designers never imagined humans travelling fast & colliding hard with solid objects in crashes otherwise they would have given humans a stronger skeleton in the manner of the Wolverine comic character who had adamantium infused through his bones and advanced rate of healing powers. Humans have a metal in our skeleton but it is calcium - one of the softer elements (ok probably irrelevant when in bone,why?) . What if we had steel skeletons or titanium ?

Read about Dan Atherton who built one of the world's toughest downhill mountain bike tracks in Wales- Redbull Hardline. Some of the jumps are crazy difficult and Dan broke his shoulder blade testing it when he overshot the landing. If Jesus had been real and had been around would he have dared to try such a course ?

ReWrit Luke 4 - The devil tempts Jesus to go a little bit further.
v9 Then the Devil said unto Jesus, "If you are the champion of God then cycle the Dyfi Hardline for it is written he will command his angels to lift you up with their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone"
And Jesus did reply, "Cool mate, you're on, I'm really stoked and up for this test, it will be so fun, safe in the knowledge that the angels will dive down and save me from crashing onto the ground and suffering horrific life degrading injuries. Get behind me Satan, cheer me on"
And the Devil tempted Jesus to doubt saying, "So you really trust the angels to literally  save you even though they fail to protect so many other people?"
And Jesus said, "Well I know they have a poor track record but if they fail me I shall use my back up powers to turn the stones into bread so that when I land on them it will be a soft fluffy landing"

ReWrit 2 And the devil tempted Jesus to cycle Redbull hardline promising that the angels would protect him and if all else failed he could just turn the rocks into soft bread but Jesus replied, "Get behind me Satan, those are naught but comforting myths, in reality if I tried it & crashed horribly I would probably die within a few days or be left crippled for life since there is no 21st century medicine anywhere within 20 centuries of here"

Youtube video,"Dan Atherton redbull hardline 2015 testing crash"

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