Saturday, 20 August 2011


The Bible suggests the possibility of a good God speaking into the world

Mark 1v11 has a voice from the sky say ,'This is my son with whom I am well pleased'
Ex ch 3 has a voice of speak out of a burning bush
Gen 22v12 a voice speaks to Abraham telling him not to make a human sacrifice

What this world needs is the divine voice of reason, sanity, calm, sense, to speak to people before they hurt others to say "Stop, don't do it, you're going to make the situation worse, you're going to ruin your life, what is needed is communication, dialogue, cooperation".
  If you are looking for a divine voice in the Bible then the first time it really comes through the ether is John ch8 where it speaks through Jesus ,"Stop, don't stone the woman, such punishments are not appropriate response for this behaviour"
  In Ex 2v12 We needed the divine voice to say to Moses, 'Stop, don't murder that slave driver, that won't solve anything, You need to go to Pharaoh and explain to him all the reasons why he should not treat people like slaves, and instead given them freedom to leave if they want to but a viable minimum pay if they want to stay along with max 40 hour week, comply with HSE regulations, NHS, NICs. I will influence his brain so that he accepts your argument'
  In Gen 22v12 We needed the divine voice to say, 'Stop, don't kill Isaac, you are entirely mistaken, I appreciate that you wanted to try to please me but God has never wanted human or animal sacrifice. You have been conditioned by cultural superstition to think that a god might want that but I can assure you that the only real God is me, and to repeat, no one is ever to make any human sacrifice to a 'god'.
  If there was a real good God then he would have given Adam the uk 2011 laws or given them to Noah or Abraham or Moses or Jesus. You would have heard Adam having a conversation with God about the need to look at the full argument- all the reasons for and all the reasons against, about how there are competing criteria, how if you try to maximise for one aspect it often compromises another.
   If you look at male female relations there are competing desires-
The desire to be with someone beautiful for aesthetic value & for best looking children                                    The desire to be with someone intelligent, witty, erudite, who communicates well
The desire to be with someone wealthy, healthy, successful
The desire for sexual thrills, novelty,
The problem of getting bored with someone, you've heard all their stories, 1000 times, you're tired of their voice, you just want someone different.
The grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you think that someone else will be better, less problems but when you get there you just find a different set of difficulties

If there was a real God inspiring the Bible then it would have been written in an emotionally literate way. God would have revealed the secrets of science, he would have given the explanation why people should behave in a certain way, so convincing to each one born that they complied.

If there was a real God then people would have to comply or die before they maimed anyone
If there was a real God then Christians would be healing all the sick and walking on water and flying in the air- doing greater miracles than Jesus like he said they would, being like superman. Instead the world has continued just as if Jesus never existed.

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