Sunday, 21 August 2011


I'm going to start a church were the main creed is that God is imaginary

Good morning, and welcome to this church

It is going to be called RE WRIT
Sub title Holy writ rewrit,, or wholly shit, writ off, rewrite

We use the reversed standard version interpretation.
We worship the God who should have been but never was.
We aim to rise to the level of Nietzsche's superman, rising above religious conditioning to a higher moral plane which relies on science and reasoning. One which is aware of all the arguments for an against, which values all sides of the arguments and condemns no valid points and despises no helpful philosophy.

Welcome to our church where the aim is to behave ethically, the aim is to be caring and not hurt anyone.
We are trying to identify solutions to the difficulties that humanity faces in order to maintain a sustainable future
Let us worship an idealized imaginary god, the trinity of goodness, love and truth.A concept God.
We advize against the worship of false images of godliness that are infact despotic, tyrannical, cruel, fear inducing, unethical, despicable phantoms.

We say Isaiah 49v9 to the captives, 'Come out' and to those in darkness, 'Be free'
We say Isaiah 35v3 Strenghten the feeble hands, steady the knees that give way , say to the fearful, "Read all aspects of the history of world religions, be sceptical, compare and contrast, notice all the parts that are false, "Be strong, do not fear" reject the failed hypothesis. Cry together, 'There is no real God'. Let us worship care and love and every good attribute.

We say Jeremiah 10 v14 All these religious folk are senseless and without knowledge, they are all shames by their idols, their images of god are a fraud, they have no breath in them, they are worthless and the objects of mockery, v 5 like a scarecrow in a melon patch, their Gods cannot speak, do not fear the Gods, they can do not harm, nor can they do good. Their images of hammered silver are all senseless and foolish

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