Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Do judge the action but make sure that judgement is sound

Luke 6v37  Is wrong, false, mistaken, it says "do not judge that you be not judged". Well I believe there will be no last judgement. Anyway maybe Jesus should have listened to his own preaching and given up on the idea of a last judgement.

   You can't not judge, everyone makes judgements, assessments about things all the time. It is part of making decisions and living a sensible life. 
1 Cor 2v15 Paul says The spiritual man makes judgements about all things

Luke 6v37 should have said, "Be specific and Judge the individual action / idea in terms of your feelings rather than trying to judge the whole person"

Judge the action but make sure your judgement is sound. Reassess your judgements from time to time especially if new information comes to light, see if that alters the balance of the argument between the reasons for and the reasons against. Make sure people are fully informed / aware of all the reasons for & against so that they can appreciate & accept why the judgement was made + agree with it. If someone challenges the judgement then listen to their presentation of reasons for and against to see if they have any valid points to make that you hadn't thought of.

There are alot of different criteria that you could judge on, terms such as health and safety, economics, aesthetics,

Luke 6v37 is one of the most screwed up ideas in the Bible, It was written by a witchdoctor who didn't know what he was talking about.

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