Friday, 25 July 2014

A Parody on " Everything stops for tea " by Jack Buchanan

A parody on the original " Everything stops for tea ":

Every nation in creation has it's favourite drink
France is famous for its wine, its beer in Australia
Ethiopia has its coffee, they serve it blacker than ink
Russians go for vodka
America loves its chocolate

Oh I don't know why Christ Jesus never sailed the ocean blue
But I guess his apologists will say he simply never knew
That there were many people, over there as well
Or he might have sailed with his fishermen, while he calmed the swell

It was a very old Aztec custom associated with Quetzalcoatl so I'm told
To drink Mayan chocolate with a hint of chilli, allspice, honey or vanilla, served cold

You'll remember that the devil took Jesus up to a high place
to show him all the nations but Christ forgot, much to his disgrace
for it he'd told the Jews about America
they might have claimed it as their new promised land
instead they settled for a desert
and their castle turned to sand.


A Parody on the song, " Wide wide as the ocean "

Wide wide as the ocean,
 small as the Galilean Sea
Why Jesus never crossed the Atlantic ocean
Sometimes puzzles me
If he could walk on water
And calm the storms as well
Why did he never sail to the Americas
to save them as well ?

15 hundred years later
Columbus took on the task
but why Jesus never mentioned America
Is what i'd like to ask ?
His fishermen would have done miracles greater, if they'd sailed the ocean blue
How come when Luke 4v6 says the devil showed him all nations, that he never knew ?

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