Sunday, 20 July 2014

Jesus the carpenter never built a ship for his sailor disciples to take gospel to Americas

Imagine if Jesus the carpenter had spent his working life building a carrick ship and then on his resurrection had told his sailor fishermen disciples to meet him at Akko/ Acre, Haifa, Israel, on the shores of the Mediterranean & they had sailed together out into the Atlantic with Jesus calming all the storms, turning salt water into wine & finally arriving in the South Americas a week later, spending a further couple of years sailing round the rest of the Americas spreading the gospel before heading off for Australia with the urgent message. Thus giving the impression of: Thy kingdom come double quick.

. Maybe Jesus could have just used the disciples fishing boat to sail the Atlantic ? With Jesus in the boat you can smile at the storm ? Instead we have a Jesus who is content to leave it for another 1500 years until the gospel gets taken to the Americas. He was hardly using his talents to their full extent ?
What we get is a Jesus Son of God who spends his carpenter life supposedly making common tables and chairs which no one even thinks to preserve for posterity after his couple years of fame as a travelling healer & risen Christ. You would think people could have made a fortune with the line," Sit where Jesus sat "
To avoid premature awkward questions & cries of derision about why he was building  a large ocean going ship, Jesus could have spent his life at least planning the ship and gathering the wood to store it ready for his resurrection when he could have overseen the construction and cry, " God speed to the new world ". Bit like a Prince Caspian in " The voyage of the Dawn Treader " story.
It is also odd that in the Book of Mormon, if God had the ability to tell Nephi how to build a ship to cross the Atlantic in 600 BC then why did God not tell Christians in the first century CE how to build another ship to take the urgent message of the gospel to all nations. Maybe because it wasn't urgent ? Or was it because God really does think that a thousand years are like a day, so he thought well another 1500 years will just be a like a day and a half so why go to all that effort of yet another miracle just to save several million Americans from hell when I can just let human history run its course. After all another several million in hell will be neither here nor there when you look at the 97% of all those who ever lived who will be there with them anyway.
Maybe the book of Mormon missed a trick by not having Nephi or God predict what sorts of food plants and animals would be found in the Promised Land of America, before leaving Israel.
The story of Noah's flood is just too vague but how come no attempt to describe animals from America or Australia, would have thought a duck billed platypus could have been described as a cross between a duck and a beaver.

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