Thursday, 24 July 2014


What was Jesus' excuse for not knowing of the continent of America ? Luke 4v5 says the devil tried to help Jesus out by taking him up to a high place to show him all the kingdoms of the world in an instant. Ed Lu at NASA earth observatory website says that 240 miles up in the ISS you can only see a 2000 mile section of Earth at any one moment. Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy reckons you'd need to be 1 million kilometers out in space to see half the Earth's surface at any one moment , ( that is twice the distance to the moon ) - thereby possibly seeing Europe, Africa, N&S America ? Maybe Jesus had his eyes closed in prayer at that moment or maybe because he was scared of heights, or trying to see no evil, or just not paying attention ? If Jesus had known of America he could have instructed his disciples to sail to the nations on the other side of the planet but then he would have to have known the Earth to be a sphere, a fact that he wouldn't have gathered from the Bible. The authors of the gospels weren't able to put ideas into the head of God or Satan that weren't already common knowledge in society, this makes God & Satan look ignorant by today's standards.
On the other hand maybe the devil took Jesus up to 240 miles above Earth and tricked Jesus by saying, " Look below, that is all the nations on Earth " while all along knowing that it was only a fraction of the nations. Thus it came to pass that Jesus didn't know of the Americas. However why didn't God shout down to Jesus while he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane to correct the error. I imagine God might have said, " By the way Son, the devil lied to you when he said that was all the nations so it is just as well that you didn't settle for that deal he offered as you would have been short changed. Also who gave the devil the authority & splendour of the nations, cause I never and what does it even mean to be given the splendour anyway- its nonsense "
But then why does the Bible say that the devil showed Jesus all the nations. when to be true to this idea it would need to say, ' the devil said, " Look there are all the nations " '
Youtube video; " World's First HDTV image of, ' Earth-Rise ' Over The Moon ' on A S N channel suggests 380,000km is far enough away to see getting on for half the Earth in an instant. Maybe if Jesus and Satan were on the moon they would struggle to see the outline of the continents, depends on their vision I guess. Or maybe Jesus was just unlucky & the sun was only lighting half of the half Earth ?

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