Thursday, 2 January 2014

Numbers 15v35 Contra Matt 25v35-40

Maybe Jesus should have said that the Lord in Numbers 15v35 should have said to Moses, " You ought to invite the man caught gathering wood to dine with you and enjoy the warmth of your own fire, thus saving him from the need to gather wood " repeating Matt 25v35-40; paraphrase~ " Lord when did we see you cold and hungry ? The King replied; When ever you gave food and warmth to others you did it for me ". 
So why did the gospel writers not make Jesus say this ? Why not have Jesus say that Moses must have been mistaken about hearing God order stoning? Why not have Moses trying to understand & empathize with the poor man's situation by asking, " Was your wood stolen ? Was there too little firewood in your area of desert to find enough during the week ? Do you have a very large family or are you caring for elderly relatives ? Why didn't you ask a neighbour for some wood ? We wanted everyone to enjoy a day off from work so they could party together ."
Modern management would A. check the person had understood the rule, B. find out why it wasn't followed, C. offer further training D. give a three stage warning E. reassess whether their rule was fit for purpose F. be careful not to treat the employee illegally ( human rights abuse )

How come " God " didn't say to the man of Numbers 15 ( caught gathering wood, ) 
" No need to gather wood. Look here is an Exodus 3 burning bush that never goes out, it gives off a great heat and even has handy twigs where you can hang your pots to cook. It saves you from foraging for wood and thereby helps prevent desertification. It is fueled by natural gas and if you travel east across the Arabian Peninsular to the Persian Gulf and drill holes in the ground there then you will find loads more gas there. Take a tip and claim the land & sea rights down there. "
How come the Exodus 13v22 pillars of fire didn't act as a stove to cook on at night ?
God could have magically provided them all with an ever full Aladdin lamp or primus stove to cook by.
It would be handy to have several supernatural burning bushes to act as the thermal core for power stations.

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