Sunday, 12 January 2014


I'm reading " The amazing colossal apostle: the search for the historical Paul " by Robert M. Price. He mentions that the title is after " The amazing colossal man " film of 1957. When watching this film on Youtube I came across that his, " The incredible shrinking Son of Man " is after " The incredible shrinking man " film also of 1957. " The incredible melting man " film of 1977 was a further development in that line of thought. Some of the scenes in the amazing colossal man eg where the 60 foot tall man picks up his girl friend in his hand are a bit like King Kong film of 1933. At the end of " The amazing colossal man " he is shot by the army and falls off Boulder dam, presumed dead. However he makes a miraculous come back when the producers realize they need to resurrect him to try to make some money from " War of the Colossal Beast " in 1958

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