Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Thanks J.M Green, you nailed that one.
I think if the star isn't either fictional & symbolic or Tinkerbell then the next best bet is that the star was the Starship Enterprise which had visited Nazareth 9 months earlier, beaming down Captain James T. Kirk who had a one night stand with Mary. Mary thought Kirk was God because of how the teleporter beam looked when he beamed down, plus he was clean & dressed in space age clothes & aftershave, compared to Joseph who bore a strong resemblance to a billy goat. The ( Luke 2 ) angels that the shepherds reported were other members of the Enterprise who beamed down to see the son of Kirk. The baby was named Christ Almighty because Kirk said, " Christ Almighty he is just like me " when he saw how similar Mary's boy child looked. Obviously the rest just falls into place; Kirk returns 30 years later to save his son Christ Almighty from the cross and beams him up to the Enterprise in Acts 1v9. He said he would return and he did - in 1966 [ they flipped the first 6 to be a 9 to disguise the 666 ]. There has been an elaborate deception going on to make everyone think that the Star Trek series was just a fantasy drama filmed in a studio but in fact it is real footage of exploration through the universe. The NT has now been fulfilled and the chosen ones will be taken to an exoplanet in another galaxy. Captian Kirk hadn't aged much because he spent a lot of time travelling near the speed of light.
That Kirk is the real father of Christ also explains how Jesus is shown in paintings as a white man.
Obviously Kirk had to go back in time through a worm hole
Those who thought the Bible was no less fictional that Star Trek, were correct - they are both real, it's just that people have mistaken super advanced technology for God. In reality there is no God. I expect it was the Enterprise that used its lasers to scorch Elijah's offering in 1 King 18v38. Possibly the Enterprise also used it tractor beam to slow the rotation of the Earth to allow Joshua to win the battle as recounted by Joshua 10, also blasting the Amorites with canon, mistaken for hail stones. I haven't asked Captain T. Kirk about this last part so I am just guessing. I could be mistaken.

NB the T in Kirk stands for Tiberius which could be how the Sea of Galilee is know as lake Tiberius
" Where no man has gone before " is obviously the original version of John 14v6, " I am the way, No man comes to the father except by me "
" Kirk " would also explain the switch form Synagogue to Kirk / church, Matt 16v18 { My God, I have unlocked the key to the truth ? ! Oh no, now MI6 will be out to get me. I know too much ;-) } So Peter is to be a security guard on the Enterprise. Matt 18v20 " Then Jesus warned them not to tell anyone he was Christ Kirk, the son of Captain T Kirk "

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