Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thus saith the Lord God Almighty

And  in the third year of the reign of King Ahaz, I  the prophet Isaiah did prophecy: " While walking in the desert of Zin the earth around me did quake and the wind did howl, then amid the storm I heard the still clear voice of the Lord God Almighty. Hear o people of Israel what the Lord your God saith unto you. " Yeh the cries of the people have risen to me asking, " Where is this God you speak of, is he but a human construct, nothing but wild fantasy and delusion ? Well, I the almighty & awesome God need not lower myself to answering that question. Indeed I fear that I may not be best placed to answer it since much of what I say is only half true. However there shall come a prophet in the future by the name of John Loftus and he shall show that the evidence suggests that it is wildly improbable that I exist. Well credit where credit is due; I have to give John Loftus the prize for guessing correctly that I am no more than a mind game, Yes, it is time to come clean, I am a fraud and you have all been conned, so there, that is the awful truth and I feel much better for having admitted it too myself. i am nothing more than a collective human consciousness. Really sorry for any hopes raised & dashed, I'm afraid that I can't really offer you a heaven to go to but on the bright side no hell either. So it just shows that you can't win"
Then I the prophet Isaiah saith, " And so that might be the final word from our Lord God Almighty, and since he no longer exists it may be time to make my exist too, Byeeee "

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