Sunday, 1 September 2013

Poem " Don't trust the greens ".

Michael Rosen spoke about poetry on Radio 2 Ryan Turbridy show 31 August 2013 ( 11am) 

He read out his poem about the rickety bridge: " Don't trust rust "

So here is my poem it inspired : 

Don't trust the greens, 

they'd sell your cow for three beans

And when the beanstalk fails to reach the sky

they'll just spin another alibi

when they fail to produce the goods from the energy in the sky

they might not even manage to work out why

but in fact black is good

coal is just another form of wood

coal miners help recycle carbon

the daily bread for which plants say amen

Yes, CO2 is good for you , if you happen to be a plant

All this talk of remissions for emissions is a load of Kant

Mining & drilling could keep us in the black

but SNP will have us seeing red 

when the wind goes slack

Climate has always been changing & it always will

I doubt that Cameron will stop it with yet another windmill

Oh Yes carbon dioxide is good for you, if you eat plants

We need to courter act the eco pessimistic rants

{ However I think it is helpful to look at all the pros and cons and to take the best out of each world

view. It is important to care  for the world but that require a sense of perspective, balance, context &

 looking at all the details rather than making generalized assumptions }

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