Sunday, 29 September 2013

Parody on " Jesus hands were kind hands "

PipeOrganHymnsG0OJF channel on Youtube
Jesus hands were kind hands to the chosen few
But sadly the majority were left in the pot to stew
But it's probably mostly fiction
Sort of like a fairy tale
But one on which the lid seems strangely hard to nail
Was Jesus any better
than Hitler, I can not tell
Would save a few to heaven
let the rest deep fry in hell
this does not seem friendly if you think yourself offside
Robert Price compares it to a case of Jekyll and Hyde
But as you slam the flaming creaking door on him
Make sure you don't end up living like a hypocritical twin
Try to think specific to the point in hand
If you exaggerate too much your castle will turn to sand
[ See " The reason driven life " by Robert M. Price ]

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