Friday, 4 November 2011

The Goddess of universalist atheism

, If there is a good Goddess, and if there is a heaven we will all be there. So see you there then ? If I find myself before some pearly gates then I expect that the unknown Goddess will greet us thus, " Welcome my poor darlings, I'm so terribly sorry for all the suffering you've had. Things just got out of control, I never intended it to end up like that, of course it's all my fault, do forgive me. Now if you all come along in, I've tell you the whole story. Don't worry, the nightmare is over, everything is going to be ok now. You see I was a bit bored so I asked my husband to get out and make a universe for our retirement. So there he is out pottering about one minute & the next he only just goes & blows himself up. Well, imagine my amazement at the unfolding of the universe & life on earth. Of course i was horrified at the suffering on earth but had to stand at the edge aghast & frustrated that I couldn't do anything due to not knowing how to enter that dimension. I have been absolutely  appalled by some of the things people imagined we might have been like. It was one big accident you know, entirely unintentional. I would never have done hell. No, no, The people like Billy Graham who went stomping around declaring that damnable doctrine was a certainty were committing grave psycho logical abuse. Those who preached it were the ones most worthy of it. They should have been forgiving & non condemning. However it has been a very confusing experience for you, so hardly surprising that various daft theories developed. Oh well, thank god that is all behind you now.

The yes men of the doctrine of hell will possibly spend Aeons on the next planet as monkeys and we can throw bananas at them, or maybe  they'll be donkeys and we'll ride them along the beach or maybe they'll be  non poisonous snakes in the grass to avoid. Or maybe they'll be mice preaching sermons to each other: "Blessed are they who squeak for they shall inherit the cheese". Meanwhile those who recognize a higher morality,a more loving caring way than the Bible offers will reign as Queens & kings

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