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Acts 23v8 & Matt 22v23 says that the Sadducees wisely thought there were no angels or spirits & no resurrection. It looks to me like the supernatural realm is a failed hypothesis but if I am mistaken then I trust that the grace of a loving good God would be sufficient for me and I have faith that nothing shall separate me from the Love that is god, neither threats written by ancient priests who thought a heaven was just above the sky Acts 1v9, nor mini dystopia, will convince me that a good God would ever ask for a human sacrifice or act more cruelly than any human is capable of. For I am convinced that in order to scale the heights of love it is necessary to jettison the damnable doctrine of hell, which is a clanging cymbal & resounding gong to religion and surely represents only the darkest imaginings generated by mans fears. Surely it would be preferable for the likes of Hitler to suffer a heart attack before committing dreadful atrocities and not at all fitting to do worse than him and send him & me to an eternal concentration camp.It is the zeitgeist of civilized nations to want to play a part in cultivating a society that protects one another from abuse and equips the vulnerable with the skills & resources to prevent it. The Bible is a collection of nightmares & dreams by people who saw through a glass darkly. There are greater concepts. (god)

Know it !

Study JNE and see the far side of the Bible. Watch as Ken Humphreys works his magic and the Bibleverse turns from grim reality into funny fiction: The Good book for a laugh.
The Bible is a wordsearch puzzle for errors to ring.

I hope that there's a heaven,
And if there is, we'll all be there,
That probably there's not, doesn't make me despair,
If there was a good God, there would be no hell,
If there was a loving God all would turn out well,
But probably God's are imaginary!
A failed hypothesis!
How am I going to experience anything,
When I've turned back into dust?
see Job 14v10-14

See Ecclesiastes 3v19 "All have the same breath / spirit; man has no advantage over the animal.

If there is a heaven, I’ll be there
If there is a heaven, so will you
Everything of this world will be forgotten ( nothing of this world will be remembered)
Everything will be shiny and new
But probably there is no heaven to go to
And probably there are no Gods at all
And we shall become exactly like them
Perfect in non existence too

If there is a heaven we’ll all be there, nothing else would be fair,
There are some people it might be wished would cease to exist though.

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