Monday, 31 October 2011

The Church of the Incredible son of god and the latter day rationalists

Hello & welcome to all  incredulous people joining on-line today. I believe that if there was a good God then everyone would either go to heaven or cease to exist. If there was a heaven we would all go there because a good God would save everyone. However I think there is probably no god and everyone will cease to exist.I think there is no supernatural realm. The absence of evidence for God etc is evidence of absence. Today we will be trying to assist you in the quest for all truth. This is the church where we put all the cards on the table & don't miss a trick.

 Now let us join together in singing  songs ( as always; adjust words to suit yourself }:

Wholly, wholly, wholly
Wholly imaginary
God never existed
 There's no supernatural realm to fear.

One faith, one hope, one true vision. True hope is that everything will turn out ok for everyone- no hades. True vision is a concept of imaginary godliness which desires the health & well being & happiness of humanity

The church's sure foundation has turned out to be sand
The waves of evolution will knock it to the ground
What once was feared as likely
Now seems impossible
And folk can relax & enjoy their life cause DC bust the Bible

He's got the whole blame on his hands, he's got everybody's suffering on his hands
He's got withholding information on his hands, he's got damnable doctrines on his hands

  songs in need of further tweaking, adjust to suit yourself
               If there was a  loving god everything would turn out alright
               But the bible is largely flaming shite [ quite interesting though when you don't believe ]
               Especially the flames of hell
               Dare like Red Adair & blow out that roman candle

              If Jesus could save one, he'd save everyone
              But probably we don't need saved at all
              We've used our heads & figur ed
              that hades didn't exist at all

               I was lied to but John told the truth Yes DC told the  whole truth
               I was lied to but WIBA told the truth  to  me

               There is no redeemer, Jesus never lived
               But it doesn't matter, we didn't need one anyway
               Thanks to all those scholars who studied honestly
                And didn't follow priestcraft into insanity

               And did those feet in ancient times, walk upon Israel's dusty land ??

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