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Maybe, "The bad Jesus", could also be titled in a parody of Romans 3v23, "How Jesus falls short of the glory of God" or 
" Instances of where the behaviour of Jesus falls short of what you would expect of a loving, caring, honest, smart, all powerful son of a God/ divine being"
I read "Fighting words" by Hector Avalos and was mighty impressed, one of the best. 
The contents of, "The Bad Jesus" looks promising too.
I've started on, "The End of Biblical studies". I see in his conclusion his favoured option is
3. Retain biblical studies, but redefine its purpose so that it is tasked with eliminating completely the influence of the Bible in the modem world
(Kindle Locations 4398-4399).
Would that mean, "eliminating the harmful aspect of the Bible"?
If people used wikipedia to look up each different word in the Bible then they could very quickly get a wide picture of the history of religion.
I think one of the biggest problems is with ministers keeping the congregations in the dark about all that is known. A few weeks reading through the books of Hector Avalos, John W. Loftus, Robert M. Price etc would save decades of fretting and let the reader laugh at religion & also more fully see the funny side of films like, "Life of Brian" and other skeptical satire.
I see "The bad Jesus " has a section on Jesus using a whip to drive money changers from the temple. John 2v18 has the Jews demand a miracle to prove his authority. How is it that the Son of God didn't manage to use supernatural abilities like a modern day comic hero? Looks a bit mundane to use a whip when even Elisha is said to have been able to pray and have the Arameans struck blind in 2 Kings 6v18.
Why didn't Jesus say, "Remember Zechariah was struck dumb when he doubted the angel's message in the Temple 30 years ago (Luke 1v20) so you too will all be struck dumb until you leave these courts"
{What sort of signs did Zechariah make in Luke 1v22 to explain that he was going to have intercourse with his wife Elizabeth and get her pregnant ? Could he not write ?}
Why didn't God shout down from the sky as in Matt 3v17, only this time, "This is my Son, do what he says or you're dead" Why didn't God just make the money changers faint ?
Why did Jesus not have a sort of hypnotic stare to make those around him accept and believe all that he said ? Why didn't Jesus have lightning power rays coming from his hands similar to Force Lightning when the Emperor Palpatine is going to kill Luke Skywalker in," Return of the Jedi" ( just before Darth Vader picks the Emperor up and throws him down the Death Star's reactor shaft.)
Why didn't a host of angels appear to make the money changers sore afraid like the shepherds in Luke 2v9. Or a sky filled with chariots of fire like 2 Kings 6v17
Why didn't he just lift all the traders up with telekinesis superpowers, like Yoda the Grand master of the Jedi order, without having to physically touch them? Cause it was just fiction and the Bible authors didn't have the more developed imagination of modern novelists ?
Why didn't Jesus give a cure for leprosy like what modern medicine has shown possible instead of allegedly just doing a few isolated magic tricks.
Why didn't Jesus hang around after his claimed resurrection ? By using the abilities that the O.T. claims God had then it should have been easy for Jesus to journey around the world and make sure everyone in the world had heard the message within a few years.
Here are superior Son of God powers, see Youtube
Star Wars Philosophy :: Force Telekinesis (a lecture by Jonathan Barlow Gee)
Jon Gee channel

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