Wednesday, 22 October 2014


A parody on the Abrahamic creation story:
Adam and Eveolution
ReWrit Genesis 2v20 "From all the animals no suitable helper was found for Adam"

And it came to pass that one day Adam wondered if it would be possible to have a cross breed between a human and other primates and so he did have romantic relations with some of the other species of great apes. Well after a few years when God happened to be walking by
God said to Adam, " What on Earth are you doing?".
Adam replied, " I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see if I could have a human cross ape child, but I have been trying for years now and so far there has been no offspring"
 God said unto Adam, " Speciation old chap, speciation. You see there has been too much evolutionary divergence between the species of which you are an example and the species you have been having monkey business with. So although you share a distant ancestor with these females it will not be possible for you to have a cross breed child by them. Your sperm will not be able to fertilize the egg within them. An ancestor of yours might have managed it 4 million years ago but not now. Basically give it up. In any case don't you realize that there are females of your own species, why don't you take one of them as your wife?"
Adam said, " Well they don't look much different from these apes"
God replied, " Here, i think you need to wear this pair of glasses"
Adam tried them on and said, "Wow, I was blind but now I see"

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