Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review of "God or godless " by John W. Loftus & Randal Rauser

REVIEW OF " God or godless " by John ". Loftus & Randal Rauser:
 It is intellectual manna from an i-cloud, unfortunately Randal's left over's from prescientific error has maggots and smell's ( Ex16v20). Well I suppose maggots are extra protein, unappetizing but good for you in a way ? - when fried by John's rebuttals ! Don't eat live & squirming.
” god or godless ?” has a great recommended reading list because it has books like ” Why evolution is true ” listed at Debate 14 & 18,
RE Chpt 12 ” The babble god does not care much for animals “. John made the most intelligent, reality based comments. He mentions Genesis 1v28 which has to be one of the most ruinous ideas to life on Earth : ” And god cursed them by saying, ‘ Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it ‘”.
Now this wasn’t such a hazardous aim 500 BCE when it was actually nigh impossible to do so given high death rate due to disease and fossil fuel hadn’t been discovered to reduce malnutrition & increase carrying capacity. However if a real god had cared for the amazing diversity that had evolved on Earth over 3.5 billion years then Gen 1v28 should maybe have said, ” And god blessed them by saying, ‘ Only have a maximum 2 children per woman, never exceed 1 billion world population and do not burn fossil fuel. Here is how to make contraceptives…And here is all the other information about the universe… ”
[ Well actually a real god could have supernaturally controlled fertility and death rate to prevent population rising above 1 billion & prevent ill health etc. ]
The bable is written by barbarians, witchdoctors & peasants and, by it’s own admission, following it’s advise will lead to an apocalypse,[ though not the real one ]. where too many people could result in them burning all the trees & eating all the animals.
If Jesus or his creators had any supernatural powers of insight he would have said, ” The Septuagint is mostly mistaken. It was for Before Civilization but is now ADdled. In the future you need to aim for sustainable living. 2 child policy or your world will head toward armageddon; species extinction, degradation of habitat etc, p.s build composting toilets and here’s how… And again I say to you, do not get on the god damn run away mine train or
in 2015 years from my official birthday you will be facing world peak oil ( if you are a pessimist or 2030 if you are an optimist )
Like JWL said p102 : god should simply have made us all vegetarian or vegan.
Yet Genesis 9v3 Has god saying Noah can eat everything that lives and moves.
Again Gen 9v1 advises, ” increase and fill the earth.”- which is a recipe for conflict & war
Again Gen 22v17 Abrahams descendants like grains of sand on seashore = obviously god is not great at statistics either- he should have consulted Albert Bartlett on YT.
It may turn out that the babble contributed to extinction of life on Earth ( worst case scenario ) or at least significant degradation ( best case scenario )

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