Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Daniel Yergin’s book, ” The Quest ” has an interesting chapter 35, ” The great electric car experiment ”
He notes electric car concepts are struggling to deliver.
Here is my suggestion: Car sharing.
For the week ahead each person in U.S.A types into their computer their travel plans. Then a super clever computer program works out the most efficient way to transport those people and sends a travel plan to each driver so that in effect maybe only 10 % of cars get used each day ? Maybe a route could be sent to each sat nav and so people are driving according to computer program – where to go to pick up the next passenger. Also be told when you need to leave to arrive on time.
This could result in far less congestion and so faster travel times and further reductions in fuel consumption.
Maybe an even more clever computer program could match people type for a more harmonious travel experience?
Ex convicts could be transported by police car taxi.
Those on the run could be collect by security guards and taken direct to jail, do not pass go.

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