Thursday, 4 July 2013

Changing signs of the times

I'm changing the sign on my bedroom door from
" Jebus is coming, give him some privacy "
to " Come Lord Jebus come, even if it is prematurely or else you'll be stood up, whip your chosen ones away with you, elope and leave the rest of us to live a sustainable subsistence existence "

There are pros & cons to each issue;
It would help save Earth from run away global warming if Jebus would rapture all religious people away right now. It would preserve biodiversity. Both desirable if the biosphere is valued.

Just say there were only 1000 million people left behind on Earth in 2013. What sort of civilization would they manage to maintain ?
Would they manage to maintain all the books written or computers & an internet ? Would they be able to get enough materials from recycling stuff already in use? If they feared to burn any more fossil fuel in case it made global warming worse would they be able to do any mining of ore ? Or refining it ? After a century would most of the technology have become obsolete with no way of restoring it ? Would they manage to make enough charcoal to power manufacturing plants to make
medical or dental equipment ? Would nuclear power stations start to release radiation even if they had been shut down before abandonment ?
If the nuclear power station hasn't been fully decommissioned does it eventually blow up ?

An advantage of fossil fuels is that it has allowed us to find out a myriad interesting things about our world, thoroughly refute Bable
based texts and make life more pleasant in many ways. Maybe the advances wouldn't have been achieved if population had been restricted to two per woman using contraception ? However it is going to be a pity to have learned so much only to see it evaporate.

If all world leaders ( including misleaders like ministers, imams etc ) had advized a 1-2 child policy starting in 1920 or even 1960 then  could the human race have had all the technology and be looking forward to another million years of existence- having given themselves 3 times longer to develop Thermonuclear fusion & succeeded Vs running out of resources & power ? The wheels falling off civilization ?

It has been both fortunate and unfortunate to have so much fossil fuel

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