Thursday, 7 May 2015

Universalism or atheism ? How can we react to people who have caused others to suffer?

 Why would I need to worry about any of Jesus ideas about heaven & hell  if I thought that there was a supernatural being who was definitely going to take us all to a happily ever after ?  I think if there was a loving God and if we had an immortal part and if there was a heaven to go to then I would be taken there along with everyone else, washed, cleansed, renewed. But if we have no spirit or soul then we will go back to nothing which isn't a problem either. I have to admit it grates to think of some of the tyrants of history going to a happily ever after, so they can just go extinct.
If you think that someone who has caused severe suffering to others should be punished then how much suffering can they be sentenced to before you have done a worse deed than the person you criticized ? If we sentence the Nazis to eternal torment will we be acting worse than they did ? I think prevention & restitution is the only real solution

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