Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Jedi has again failed to return on May the 4th, will his record be as bad as Jesus ?

Another May the 4th has come & gone with no sign of the return of the Jedi, seems like he might be as fictional as Jesus.
Jesus greatest error was to fail to notice that Hades was an idea invented by the Greeks or Zoroastrians. The ancient Egyptians fantasied about a judgement day too, with the ones whose heart weighed light being thrown to the crocodile god to be eaten or burned up like chaff in a fire. They needed to know the secret names of the gods and their mysteries to sail into the afterlife. Last time I heard their bodies were still with us.
Jesus also failed to recognise it isn't loving, caring or just to let people suffer for ever after death, in any case how could they if they have no spirit or soul ? Ecclesiates 9v5-6,"The dead know nothing...never again will they have a part in anything under the sun". [ How could that fit with Matt 27v52 which has folk resurrecting ? It contradicts Jesus alleged resurrection ] Even the author of Romans 13v10 scolds the ideas about judgement attributed to Jesus,"Love does no harm to its neighbour". How can you claim to love your neighbour while you approve the idea that they should suffer for ever more ? 1 John 2v9,"Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. ". If Jesus had won the victory over a hell why not save everyone & abolish hell totally ? Because then priests would make less money ? Jesus claimed to be the light but maybe he was the darkness - someone with his wires crossed ?
Jesus failed to note that the O.T describes a God who fails to prevent things going pear shaped.
Thomas Paine noted that the gospels have Jesus taken up to a high place but somehow he fails to notice the Americas.
To me Jesus was more like a detour, half truths and a degraded life
Jesus failed to explain the causes of earthquakes, he showed no knowledge of plate tectonics, he gave no advice about which areas of the planet to avoid building on or on how to design buildings that would be resilient to earthquakes. Luke 21v11 makes Jesus say that earthquakes are a sign & omen rather than just something that has always happened and always will until the Sun becomes a red giant.
Jesus or his creators failed to predict any detail of the science and technology that came after the first century. The 21st century we know was completely unknown to him or any other founder of a religion.
The religion of the 21st century that counts is the one of attention to detail and being on the ball.

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