Friday, 13 February 2015

Moses take 2

Moses take 2
And Moses did come down from the mountain a second time
This time with two blank tablets of stone
And the people said unto Moses,
"What's with the blank tablets Moses ? Did you forget your chisel or has God's lazer printer malfunctioned ?"
And Moses said unto the people,
"Well no matter what I would write you would twist the meaning to make it say whatever you wanted it to say, so I figured, "Sod it they can use science and reason to get by as best they can." You can know the reasons for and against on each issue but it often comes down to personal circumstances. Also there are the unknowns to factor in. Life is a game of chances. Besides what God said to me didn't make much sense and I'm wondering if I'm kidding myself about his existence anyway"
And the people replied,
"Thank God you've seen the light, it's just common sense that if you make to  damage someone else's stuff that they are going to defend it. Besides your first attempt at 10 commandments wasn't that much different from the 42 negative confessions on the Papyrus of Ani. The Egyptians knew that stuff long ago"

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