Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Eve partakes the apple iphone3G which hangs from the tree of knowledge

The Genesis tales might be the authors' best guesses 2500+ years ago but in evolution we have a much more likely explanation for how the world is.
ReWrit Genesis 3v6
And Eve looked into the apple iphone3G that hung from the tree of knowledge and saw that it was pleasing to the eye and also desirable for gaining wisdom and a better quality of life. As she looked more deeply into it she discovered Wikipedia and Youtube. As she clicked through the links she saw many material things which could enhance her rather uncomfortable existence. She saw medicines which could cure the illnesses that her relations had suffered. She saw foods that could help maintain health. She saw another universe of entertaining ideas and stories which made more sense about how the Earth operated.
Then Eve thought to herself. Why has that man who has been wandering around here, calling himself God almighty, been trying to keep me from discovering all this knowledge? God has failed to cure my families illnesses or to raise our quality of life. Each time his spells fail he says it is our fault for not having enough faith or for having done something to displease him. You know what, it is starting to dawn on me that this knowledge can be good for me and that the ideas of God have been evil for me. I think God was maybe just trying to keep us running around after him, waiting on him hand and foot while he sits in his ivory tower. I think that apple salesman who God called a snake oil salesman actually made some good points.
And Eve called to Adam, "Look mate, we don't have to live like dumb monkeys, huddled in paranoid fear of things that aren't even real. Do you want to sit here using twigs to fish termites out of the mound living a nasty, short, brutish life or do you want a taste of the action and reach for the stars?"
Then Adam said," I'm not sure, i'm afraid it will end in disaster
And Eve said unto Adam,"You are starting to really get on my wick and you know what you won't be getting when I'm in a foul mood"
And Adam said,"Give me that Apple, I'll be your dog"
The very first Apple Computer logo, drawn by Ronald Wayne, depicts Isaac Newton under an apple tree.

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