Thursday, 22 August 2013

Professor of physics William Happer reminds us that CO2 is beneficial to plants

I wonder if you have read this interesting article by William Happer, Professor of physics at Princeton Uni. " The truth about green house gases "
From page 4
We conclude that atmospheric CO2 levels should be above about 150 ppm
 to avoid harming green plants and below about 5000 ppm to avoid
harming people. That is a big range, and our atmosphere is much closer
to the lower end than the upper end. We were not that far from CO2
anorexia when massive burning of fossil fuels began. At the current rate
of burning fossil fuels, we are adding about 2 ppm of CO2 per year to the
atmosphere, so getting from our current level to 1000 ppm would take
about 300 years—and 1000 ppm is still less than what most plants would
prefer, and much less than either the NASA or the Navy limit.
Also if you remember the threats from Al Gore about sea level rise and coastal flooding ?
Well here is a different view from sea level specialist Dr Nils Axel Morner
He has looked at reality, the results are in.

or Dr Nils Axel Morner sea level rise ? Fact or fiction ?
Do you think there has been some fraud going on in the IPCC ?

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